Dryad & Blood Moon Make For Wonky Interactions | Magic: The Gathering | #mtg #shorts #bloodmoon - finalbosscardgame.com

Dryad & Blood Moon Make For Wonky Interactions | Magic: The Gathering | #mtg #shorts #bloodmoon

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  1. Former Yugioh Semi Pro lol. And last card on board matters…………….

  2. The fact that they’re mountains is irrelevant, and it wouldn’t have affected them differently if Dryad had come before or after the blood moon. Dryad’s effect sits on the same layer as blood moon’s effect, but doesn’t counteract it. Everything that’s non basic is indeed a mountain……In addition to every basic land type. They lose their base abilities, but are essentially better command towers. Blood Moon is still doing its thing, and Dryad is doing his, they don’t overlap.

  3. Which land was played tapped, as the blood moon should make any tapped lands enter untapped, assuming they're nonbasics

  4. Wait but the dryad doesn't change lands to non basic? So how is it confusing?

  5. And this is why I run Naked Singularity, just to confuse things even more.

  6. But shouldn't tolaria west be a mountain? It can tap for any color sure but it shouldn't be able to transmute?Edited: nvm since it's never been played on the field the tolaria west is just a spell not a land

  7. Order doesn't change anything. Your nonbasic lands will become mountains, islands, forest, plains and swamps. No matter which one entered first.

  8. Scooping is a cowards way out. Take a loss with dignity.

  9. To help folks.
    Dryad if Illisan Grove has a different ability than Chromatic lantern.

    If all you care about is “my lands tap for any color”, they are the same…but they go about it very differently.

    The dryad technically doesn’t let your lands tap for any color. They give lands all land types. The comprehensive rules say “forests tap for green” and “swamps tap for black”.
    So being a forest gives it an ability.

    So between the Dryad and the blood moon we have two abilities.
    One ability says “you are all types” and another ability that says “you are only one type”. The order of those abilities matter

  10. How does he play a land tapped with blood moon in play? 🤔

  11. Same layer, so time stamps. Try alpine moon next time.

  12. Not sure if layering or ordering is still needed here.
    So for non-basic lands…
    …Blood Moon say those BECOME mountains. A hard change.
    … and Dryad of Illysian Grove say those are every basic land type IN ADDITION to their types (ie. mountain). An additional type. On top.
    So those Non-Basics do have at least all basic land type (not only mountain) and thus can produce any color of mana.
    They do lose other land abilities though due to Blood Moon. But the argument of producing any color of mana still prevails.

  13. I've never understood why timestamps and layers are so confusing. It literally always seems so straightforward. What's the most recent thing to have hit the battlefield? Whatever it is, it probably wins

  14. Best way to explain it is Uno, atleast for this situation.

  15. This video was done so poorly I had to watch it multiple times to make sure I wasn't the idiot. Bloodmoon was played before dryad so it's effect is over written, what's hard to understand?

  16. For some people that still dont understand: dryad doesnt make them tap for all colors, it gives them other land types. Blood moon removes those land types so timing matters, they are two conflicting abilities so thats why timing matters. It's not the same thing but think about it like this: you've got a flyer, an opponent casts a spell that removes flying via a spell like Whiteout. Youre cresture no longer has flying, however after that you can still give that creature flying with a spell like leap afterwards. A la, flying creature loses flying, then gains flying both affects the creature flying. Now apply permenant affects from blood moon and dryad: hallowed fountain is a plains island, play blood moon: hallowed fountain loses plains island and its shock ability then gains the basic mountain type. You then place down a dryad, which gives your hallowed fountain all basic land types, they gain those types because dryad entered after. Do the inverse: hallowed fountain, dryad, all basic land types, play blood moon which then removes the basic land types and makes it a basic mountain. A hallowed fountain cannot be a basic land of all types and ONLY a basic mountain. Blood moon does not say "in addition to its other types" so the time the affect enters is what determines which effect wins as they both affect the same thing. My explanation may be messy, but thats how i worked through it.
    Edit: its not exactly correct to say blood moon "removes" the other types but since they become basic mountains you can think of it as removing them since it does not say "in addition to its other types"

  17. Wait, what about if Blood Moon would enter after Dryad? Those lands would already be mountains. It doesn't say they're only mountains. It doesn't say they change (for example "become"), this card, from reading it, doesn't change the fact what this land is tapping for, just adding red to it and I guess you are able to fetch every nonbasic land with a red fetchland? I am probably wrong, but if reading the card explains the card, this is how I would interpret this.

  18. Are all interactions like that? Like if someone has an enchantment to give a creature flying after I put an enchantment that makes creatures lose flying which is in effect

  19. Don’t even think about trying to cast dress down to stop the dryad 😢

  20. Don't look up blood moon and Urza's saga….

  21. Just wait til you hear about oko and magus of the moon.

  22. So your mountains tap for any color. Cause it's just another ability on the land.

  23. And i play Orcish Settlers.
    Lands? Never heard of em 😂

  24. I don't see how it matters which effect came first, even blood moon was played second, they'd still be mountains that can tap for any colour, no? They're both "are" effects, and neither of them contradicts the other.

  25. For me Magic has become the game that is very engaging to watch but frustrating to play. Love the content!

  26. This one is easy. All non basic lands are mountains because of the moon that also have the secondary tap ability “tap for one of any color” because of the dryad

  27. It honestly just feels like Blood Moon makes them mountains dryad makes those mountains able to tap for all colors.

  28. I guess it should depend on the type of "mountain" they become, is it subtype mountain or card mountain? Because subtype mountain would mean they aren't basic lands.

  29. This rule isn't hard to follow at all …

  30. All non basics are mountains. Dryad mana fixes. That’s it very simple

  31. Only promblem it would take some extraordinary board state for a tap land to happen with a blood moon out

  32. "I cast a second blood moon"
    Can you still transmute?

  33. Well it's basically chromatic lantern.

  34. I still don’t fully understand everything that the simple word “copy” means in the comprehensive rules.

  35. I don't see the confusion here… Except in the "explanation" itself.

    Bloodmoon makes nonbasic lands into Mountains. Fine. Simple.

    Then Dryad of the Ilysian Grove comes into play, making all lands all basic land types in addition to their other types.

    Those don't contradict each other though. So why does it sound like he's confused by the lack of Blue mana?

    Nonbasics become Mountains, and those Mountains also become Forests, Islands, Swamps, and Plains. The Forests he already had also become Swamps, Mountains, Islands, and Plains.

    Nothing the Dryad says counteracts what the Blood Moon says. They don't stop being Mountains, they just gain additional basic land types. Because they are all Islands in addition to their other types, they can all tap for Blue mana (same goes for the other basic land types and their respective mana colours, but only Blue matters here).

    Even swapping around the order, nothing changes. Yeah, Blood Moon prevents the Simic Growth Chambers from tapping for Blue and Green as they usually would, but the Dryad would still let them tap for Blue or Green separately either way. Similarly, with or without Blood Moon, he could also tap them for White or Red or even Black because they gain all basic land types. The only thing they can't tap for is Colourless or generic mana (Wastes isn't a basic land type, and no basic land type gives generic mana). And it's only because of the Dryad. He could have any 3 lands and still be able to pay that Transmute cost.

    So the explanation has nothing to do with layers or timestamps. Dryad of the Ilysian Grove and Blood Moon do not overwrite each other, mainly since the Dryad says "in addition to". All the other player needs as an explanation is to know that tapping for whatever colour is an inherent effect of having a basic land type, it doesn't matter what land it actually is.

  36. He is right. For the wrong reasons. This isn’t the correct explanation of why this works, and even if dryad enter before blood moon the same would happen.

  37. I haven't played a lot against bloodmoon does it shut off the channel lands will in hand?

  38. Conspiracy: Choose a creature type. All your creatures ARE the chosen type.

    Arcane Adaptation: Choose a creature type. All your creatures are the chosen type IN ADDITION to their other types.

    Same situation, same answer. Does that help? Time stamp shouldn't matter. These abilities do not conflict with each other.

  39. They're making this more complicated than it needs to be. Blood Moon makes all non basics into Mountains, Dryad lets them tap for any color. Easy, simple, straightforward.

  40. The transmuting doesn't make sense to me.

    It becomes a mountain, dryad makes it every basic land type but it's still a basic land without any other abilities right? The dryad overwrites the colors the land taps for but doesn't overwrite the blood moon scrapping the other abilities non basic lands have

  41. So all non basics are mountains, then all lands from player 2 are all types, therefore having all colors. It's kind of layers, but with a respectable amount of time stamps all together. Beautiful

  42. It’s not that hard. Blood moon changes the type of the cards. It doesn’t take away abilities that are given regardless of type. Dryad could’ve been played first and it would still be the same effect.

  43. Oh dang I was thinking dryad arbor. With blood moon is it a 1/1 mountain?

  44. Reading through the comments section, it's astonishing how many people do not know magic.

  45. Heres where things get WEIRD. According to the rules this is probably correct (There is some weird wiggle room) but in both MTGO and MTGA it does not work this way. When Wizards was asked why this is, they stated MTGA and MTGO are correct. The effect has no overlap. Its a mountain but its also every basic land type in addition to it being a mountain.

    Non basic lands are mountains
    Lands you control are every basic land type in addition to their other types.

    So both the CR and WotC are in direct opposition to this ruling.

    In the MTGO forums this was explained as 305.7's last line "If a land gains one or more land types in addition to its
    own, it keeps its land types and rules text, and it gains the new land types and mana abilities"

    So TL:DR we dont actually know the proper ruling. But at this time according to WotC's most recent statements this youtube short is incorrect and the effects dont actually override each other making them cumulative.

    Because it says "Lands you control are every basic land type IN ADDITION to their other types." Regardless of the order of blood moon it would just be a mountain in addition to it ALSO being every basic land type.

    Congrats we broke MTG. The rules have gotten so complicated thats its a legal nightmare.

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