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Easily 3 Star Card-Happy – Haaland Challenge #6 (Clash of Clans)

Judo Sloth Gaming
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How to 3 Star Haaland Challenge 6, Card-Happy in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth provides a simple tutorial for the new event attack. Football is this months theme as Clash of Clans has collaborated with Erling Haaland. Thank you for using code judo to support the channel and best of luck with your 3 stars!

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  1. I can get as fast as 1:07 left. I dont see how it can be faster. The people with 1:45 left cant be legit

  2. Any help on why my lava hound won’t lock onto the inferno tower ?? It flies right past it to go to the air defense!

  3. Card happy? More like card frustration trying to get 1st place

  4. This was a time based one, thanks for help

  5. Don't ask me how. I managed to 3 star without killing the king

  6. Hello Mr. Godot, I have supported you through the code. In Clash of Clans.. my name in Clash of Clans is greater than longing.. I hope you will give me a gift card. Thank you.😊 My name is Arabic اکبر من الشوق

  7. ive been using your tips and the bases/attacks youve shown and it'l allowed me to get very close to champion 2 as a th 11

  8. I'm exited that Judo closed hit 3m subscriber

  9. Why is judo posting short videos now


  11. Beat it with 36 seconds left it’s unfortunate will be losing to all the cheaters lol

  12. Thank you judo sloth for helping me beat challenges

  13. Need clan members for level 10 clan 😢😢

  14. The hell dogs won’t target the right thing at the beginning no matter how many time I put hen zzzz

  15. “Part of the skill and the fun of the leaderboard” God these sponsored creators are so delusional it’s embarrassing 😭

  16. This strategy doesn't work at all, tried over 10 times can't get 3 stars 😢

  17. But, how some people have 2.36min time left

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