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Eleusis – Card Games That Don’t Suck

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. I learned Eleusis as a kid from a book of non-ordinary card games, and to this day when someone screws up a turn we still say, "BAD PROPHET!"

  2. It's funny that he draws the line at "ants" not "cats" like they would stay in place for so long.

  3. Just had a go playing this. Absolutely amazing game

  4. What if: you wanted to play a 3 of spades.

    But god said: "That's not OK."

  5. Soooo….what's the penalty when god gets his own rule wrong? 😀

  6. Does God still put their chips down while the prophet is putting down theirs? Alternatively, when the prophet messes up and removed all their chips, does God then put theirs down every ten since their last one?

  7. Thank you, you just made me discover my favourite cards game of all time… you totally got my respect

  8. This looks like a really awesome game, and I think I'll rope my family into playing it tonight! Now I just have to thieve the cards and chips from the poker box…

  9. I'm not sure what I did for YouTube to start suggesting unusual playing card games to me but I'm not complaining about it

  10. I'm going to do a rule of only playing the 3 of clovers

  11. What about "meta" rules, like you can only play cards with your left hand? Would that be ok or would it break the game?

  12. So basically this is a card game version of Mastermind.

  13. played this game with a different name.. started with an m or something

  14. Thank you for interesting video! Can you help, where can I play eleusis online?

  15. I love the "deduce the rule" concept, but the scoring is just too complicated. Why not scrap the prophets and complex scoring, and just first person out wins.

  16. this game could use some guidelines for restrictions on god, at least for beginning players.

  17. I couldt understand the God's point rule (a) (4. rule)… Can somebody explain it to me?

  18. Now I'm gonna be god and everyone else in my group will have to put a number card that match the digits of pi. 👿

  19. 24 scientists who watched this were bad prophets

  20. At first it seemed like a good game when I tried it but we had a huge problem players when they were god would make ridiculously complicated rules taht no one ever got.

  21. Well, guys, I had a problem during one of my gameplays. I used 2 deck of cards. Players played so badly that we'd runned out of cards in the deck before 40 cards was put on the table. And we had a problem – what to do when we run out of cards for players to draw when they make an error? What do you suggest?

  22. It seems like the scoring system incentivises God to be as obtuse as possible with his rule since the winningest strategy would be to have a player with a lot of cards and the other players to have nearly as many. Maybe it isn't meant to be played to win, but then I don't know why it was made for massive nerds.

  23. The links to rules and tips are currently broken.

  24. what happens if everyone declares to be prophet? or is there a limit?

  25. Instructions unclear.

    Inserted myself as messiah in new religion.

  26. Does somebody have a link to the rules; the Matuszek site doesn't seem to work (anymore)… 🙁

  27. I think you would like to play a game that I have created with my friends. We are working on publishing a proper board game version of it. It will be a while for it to be published because we are young and money is a problem but here is how to play with two different decks of cards, and two dice. The game is called kings of the round table. Kong’s of the round table can be played with 2 to 14 people( ps the board game version can be played with 54 players). Before you can play Kong’s of the round table you must separate the face cards from the number cards and then separate those groups by the suits. Shuffle the fours of face cards of one suite. This should love you with four groups of cards and the face cards. Give four cards of a suite to the king of the suite. Give three cards of one suit to the queen of that suite. Give two cards of one suite to the jack of that suite do the same for all for suites. You will have four cards one from each suite left over. Give two cards of each of the jokers. Take the jokers out of the other deck of cards and shuffle it. Has you add players you add characters. If their are two players the will both be Kings. Kings can play four cards in battle. If their are three players you have a king and a queen of one suite and king of a different suite. Queens can play 3 cards in battle but kings can play two cards cards Durrington the queens turn to help her out. Four players a king and a queen of two suits. Five players a king a queen and jack of one suite vs a king and a queen of a different suite. Jacks can play 2 cards in battle but they can give a card to the king and the king then plays up to 2 cards Durrington the jacks turn to help them out. 6 players a king a queen and a jack of one suite vs a king a queen and jack of a different suite. 7 players a king a queen and jack vs a king a queen and a jack vs a joker. Jokers can play 2 cards in battle and during the quest stage can steal three cards from any one three time. When a joker steals that don’t get to see the cards the just pull them from the person they are stealing forms hands.

    Phase one quests in the quest stage choose to go first and then the person to their right makes up a quest for them to go on a quest can be any thing, get creative. They make up cost for the quest. If the person playing wants to/ can play the much they give it to the person who made the quest and roll the dice. The cost of a quest is bast on the value of the card so a five is five points and a two is two points kings are 13 and aces are 1 point. During the first round of quests a quest can’t cost more then 5 points. You draw the mount of cards from the pill that you rolled on the dice. When everyone has gone on a quest you have completed one round. You will do a total of five rounds of quests. After five round of quests you move on to the battle phase.

    In the battle stage you choose who will go first. They law the stated amount of cards for their character in front of the player they want to attack. The person being Attacked dose the same the flip over their cards the person with the most points when. The winner gets 3 of their cards and one of their opponents then the loser takes one card. When you run out of cards you die. When one of the kings dies the game is over and team with a living king wins. During the battle stage you can use book and runs to get attack bonuses a book is 25 points and a run if 50 points.

  28. I'm watching this and all I can think is how long it will take for one of them to knock that tall glass off the corner of the table with their elbow…

  29. A very important note: the scoring looks extremely daunting, but it's actually easy to figure out what will earn you more or fewer points when you get the hang of it. Basically, the rules are that complicated so that God benefits when players take longer, but not too long, to figure out the rule, and when some, but not all, players figure out the rule.

  30. When you come here during a pandemic to find some games for the family to play at short notice and the video starts with "Oh we're shaking hands" NOOOOO!! Disease, plague etc 🙂


  32. This seems egregiously over-complicated for what it offers

  33. So super cool this game. I have never heard before of it. Thank you for the video!

  34. Sounds like a amazing game. One question: in the video Quinns explains you can become a prophet after you have played your card. I don't see this rule on the linked pages. There it states (as a rule modification in the 'tips' section): "You may announce at the end of someone else's turn that you wish to become prophet. Then, beginning with the player who just played and proceeding clockwise, each player in turn has the opportunity to become Prophet. If no one else elects to do so, you become Prophet immediately." So I wonder if Quinns played this rule wrong or he used other rules?

  35. Rather than a mixed theme of God, Prophet, and Scientists, why not Nature, Expert, and Scientists? Seems more unified thematically. Nature determines the outcome of your experiments. And Experts opine of what the outcome will be before Nature actually does it.

  36. God places a token every ten cards unless there is a prophet. If a prophet is ousted they remove their tokens. When this happens does God retroactively put down their tokens, e.g. lets say 20 cards were played under the Prophet for a total of 25 cards. If the Prophet fails does God put down two of his tokens at this point?

  37. This one seems quite unique. I'm actually interested in this one.

    I do have a rules question: If you became a Prophet you use your markers to indicate when you became Prophet and every 10 cards played thereafter. But let's say you do it wrong and you are no longer the Prophet… Do the markers go away and if a new Prophet is assigned the markers are placed anew for the new Prophet?

  38. The ideal fancy thing to use for God's chips would, of course, be figurines of the four horsemen. I could even imagine some variant where each one triggers a different effect (and the player elimination is just the Death one), although the game being as clean as it is does add a lot to the game.

    Other observations:
    – It'd probably be nice to mark off "eras" when a prophet fails, so you can see everything they got right and the thing they got wrong; this just helps with handling the information tracking
    – Calls of "no play" should probably be called by saying "blasphemy" instead, with God forgiving you if you were correct or…not, if you weren't
    – The no play rule plus the prophet rule plus scoring do manage to curtail some of the worst possible malevolent gods; "nothing is valid" or barely any cards are valid can be sussed fairly quick by someone declaring no play and then putting in for prophecy
    – On the other hand, calling prophet is not always correct even if you're sure because someone else can take it off you…I could imagine this leading to weird situations where two people each suspect the other has the rule down and so neither wants to call prophet because the other one will be the one to actually get it.

  39. Is this game named after the city, or is there a process related to the theme of the game named "eleusis" that I can't google?

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