#ESAWinter19 Speedruns - Pokémon Trading Card Game [Any% With Tutorial] by Raagentreg - finalbosscardgame.com

#ESAWinter19 Speedruns – Pokémon Trading Card Game [Any% With Tutorial] by Raagentreg

European Speedrunner Assembly
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Pokémon Trading Card Game [Any% With Tutorial] by Raagentreg


This video was recorded live at ESA Winter 2019, which took place from 16th to 24th February in Växjö, Sweden.
It was a charity event benefiting Save the Children.
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  1. Bro they got Cillian Murphy commentating. Oppenheimer up in this.

  2. At one point in the battle with Nikki the theme sounds like the character select of marvel vs capcom 3. It's when the runner interrupts the theme and before this he states he wants people to listen to it.

  3. As an avid fan of the Pokemon TCG video game, WOW that luck was awful, absolutely awful O.o Props to you for making it work like you did!

  4. Damn Raagentreg.. way to ruin one of my favorite games on Gameboy of my childhood. You are completely horrible at explaining the game in the beginning as well as just bad to listen to. I'd say it's a 4/10 but I couldn't make it to 15 mins. Now I have to search for this gameplay. Hopefully it's not more you. Have a great day and hope you get better at putting content out. Good luck. (YOU NEED IT)

  5. I appreciate how astoundingly good the sprite art in this game versus Red/Yellow/Blue – wow!

  6. One of the few games in my childhood i had only in english when i couldnt understand it, now i can and the game is more amazing than i thought!

  7. As much as i loved blue and red, this was the poke game i played while old enough to have a good idea of what i was doing ( rip days of not having 1million youtube or faq guides lol ) such an amazing game cant wait watch the run

  8. What are this games mechanics? It puts really hard to follow

  9. this run is just insanely well executed, saw it live and had to return to watch it. <3

  10. just under estimate? he had so much time you know how long the time he had left in a kaizo mario level is? it is the difference between life and death

  11. I don't get it, his nationality says french yet he has a more English accent than me and I've lived in, and never left England in my whole 29 years of life! Awesome run though

    Edit: Stop being so harsh on yourself! This is next level playing to us plebeians!

  12. 7 Ads in an hour long video? Come the f on. I get it, compensating for people using adblock BUT THIS IS WHY! isn't the point of this event to raise money for charity? Why in the world are you monetizing it, and this ridiculously hard, after the fact? Get it together.

  13. What is the hardware being used to play / capture this gba game ?

  14. Awful luck, but a very fun run to watch with great commentary. I hope you will do another one next year.

  15. I was insanely addicted to this game. Sooooo goood.
    That was an interesting run
    Thank you to the runner, the girl on the right for being such a good supporter
    This guy hit the timer 2 seconds before estimate. No one bashes you for going over estimate, but this guy was having trouble the whole way through. His uhms and breathing through gritted teeth. What entertainment. GLad to see the poison and psychic labs being swept by Mewtwo, most troublesome place

  16. Without a doubt Murray has the most trollish deck in the game and this showed exactly why. So many of his Pokemon have high HP, Alakazam's Damage Swap fully takes advantage of that along with Mr. Mime's Invisible Wall comboed with Alakazam… It generally just takes so long to beat him as a result.
    RNG in general can be pretty trollish as also seen here throughout, though I didn't know about all the ways you could manipulate it until now. There was still a lot of improvisation to take into account which despite not being near your PB, is still really impressive if you think about it because if you consider this to be the worst possible outcome, it's still blazing! So an epic job regardless!

  17. damn! the nose of dugtrio looks like a mouth and now i can't unsee it

  18. This is actually the first pokemon game i ever played and I still enjoy it to this day.

  19. I've played this game since I was 3, and I still find myself returning to it every now and then. Seeing it here in a new competitive light is honestly so enjoyable. Your menuing as well as the commentary are very captivating for someone who's known it for 20 years :>

  20. Good job on commentating. Can't imagine how hard it is playing that fast while trying to explain everything the entire run.

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