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every game of gold episode ever #ggpoker #gameofgold @GGPoker

Greg Goes All In
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  1. We needed 72o to win Greg you failed us lol

  2. I honestly can't understand how anyone watches this show, it's like mid 2000s survivor.

  3. Like this is just a card game not gladiator

  4. It would be good to see you on there. I think the show got the balance of seasoned pros and relatively new names to the game just right!

  5. this is great, really enjoying your content and it keeps getting better and better

  6. LOL. Great portrait of the show. Love it.

  7. that Carrel and Jungle😂😂😂
    Sooooo cute

  8. Maybe should have end this with a brick river and you shouting "Lets go" at least 6 times 🤣🤣🤣

  9. And the red hoodie Greg should have opened his mouth a little wider and in more of the shots

  10. I would actually pay money for each episode of season 2 if they were all greg skits

  11. You're rooting for the case queen on the river. I'm rooting for a humble deuce, we're not the same

  12. It's all hype. They show like 8 hands per show and the rest of it is dramatic music and players in the peanut gallery pretending to be excited

  13. Honestly I don't get this at all but it was still incredibly funny

  14. This is hilarious! I love poker but GOG’s just overated, overdramatized and not very engaging. There is potential.. I think there should be a squid game/the mole/ survivor/the devils’s game combo of a show that includes poker as one of the challenges.

  15. So it's not worth watching? This sketch was worth watching but the actual show looks stupid asf

  16. You will definitely be on season two. If you’re not that’s bull shit

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