FAILED CARD GAMES: Rage Werewolf Apocalypse Trading Card Game -

FAILED CARD GAMES: Rage Werewolf Apocalypse Trading Card Game

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  1. If people are still playing it… did it really fail?

  2. The actual Werewolf cards themselves are the flip cards. They are usually the first two cards you looked at, laid down then started asking "Where are the flip cards?" EVERY pack Lol

  3. Rage has a fenomenal Flavour. We gonne revive this one…brining back the wild chicks to TCG WORLD

  4. This was a great game if you were into WODS and Werewolf the Apoc

  5. Lets Remake something cool like this! This is so boiled down to a cool 90s TCG fighting essence! I can smell the blood in the air^^ aauuuuuuuuu

  6. I'm selling them if anyone is interested

  7. I have a deck of rage Amazon edition firs edition with a holo card and the double sided cards as well

  8. I bought a few packs of these at a flea market when I was 10 years old. What a cool walk down nostalgia lane. The art on these cards was truly amazing.

  9. All the character cards except allies, enemies, and victims (Wyrm) were dual-sided. Your character could "Rage" and turn into the werewolf form under certain conditions in the game. Making a deck was hard from what I remember because of all the different tribes. One card let you "unite" two tribes together kind of like the Treaty cards in the Star Trek game so Klingons/Federation etc could be on the same ships and help complete missions. Everyone back then in my town played Magic or Decipher's Star Trek game, with a few others playing the Star Wars one. No one else I knew had Rage cards.

  10. Open a box of "The Umbra" or "Wyrm" next. Rage Across Las Vegas is too hard to find.

  11. the art on one of those cards was by Richard Kayne Furgeson.

  12. Rage is a really fun card game and good for multiplayer.

  13. OMG i played Rage it was sooo confucing but I liked The Wherewolves having 2 sides per and post transform.

  14. Another reason why trading cards were on the down turn during the early 2000s: People needed money for cars, dating…and gettin that BOOTY! o>O lol PLus the game sucked for a while. It was best from 1993 till mid 1999. *shrugs * BUt yah, buy what thou wilt! RAGE! ^~^

  15. Good old rage. The one local vid store in the mid 90s, a fe years before another moved in and blockbuster was across the street, always had a large box where they just dumped hundreds of unopened packs: Rage, Illuminati, Jyhad/Vampire, and probably a few others. Good times.

  16. I want nothing more than to have a local playgroup to pick up a dead TCG and go ham opening packs, trading, meta-gaming etc.

  17. They just announced a new Werewolf: The Apocalypse video game recently. Think it's for PC, PS5 and X1X but can't recall for sure.

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