Falcons vs. Rams | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights - finalbosscardgame.com

Falcons vs. Rams | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

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The Atlanta Falcons take on the Los Angeles Rams during Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  1. Who’s Here After the Super Bowl or Minneapolis Miracle

  2. Pharoah Cooper ruined this game. That's why he's cut now

  3. really hope the rams do better this year, having a bye will really help them

  4. The Rams growth from last season is ridiculous

  5. announcer: "some confusion, players didn't know what to do. do we grab it, do we not?" uh, duh. it's football. uh, yeah maybe grab the ball. what does this guy think?

  6. Here 365 days after… hopping the rams choke again next week

  7. Who else is a Rams fan that came back here to watch this before our game Saturday?

  8. Cowboys fan here!!! Reviewing film lol.

  9. Any Cowboys fan here checking out this game before our payoff match with them?

  10. Tomorow we go again let’s get this fucken W horns up baby 🤟🏽

  11. Don't mind me just here to show saints fans how a real team beats the rams

  12. Falcons r still the last team to beat the Rams in the playoffs haha

  13. Wait the Falcons had a 13-0 lead and unlike the Saints they kept it?

  14. The First Playoff Game for Sean McVay. He took us to the Superbowl the next year !!!

  15. Some people say the Rams are the best team on the West. Their QB when asked to carry the offense in the Superbowl couldn't get it done. We ( Atlanta Falcons ) only play the 49ers on the west this year but understand this….The FALCONS ALWAYS RISE UP ON THE WEST AND WIN!!! RISE UP FALCON NATION

  16. Falcons got ass and when did the rams make only the wildcard lol.

  17. Now Todd Gurley will plays for the falcons next year lol

  18. Who's here after Todd Gurley was released from beloved LA Rams franchise and they sign him in his hometown Georgia where started off there great career in College football. Atlanta Falcons is going to be relevant again.

  19. Who here is a Georgian and a die hard fan!

  20. Yes the majestic Albino RAMS is Quite Formidable when in PACKS/But 1 on 1 experiences has prove to be extremely Lame & Inferior for he is quite needy of the rest group.As I have Observed this species I came to realize he belongs to the SHEEPLE family.RmONGo4lie-Don't get me started on the falcunts…

  21. This was Atlanta's most solid squad in the Quinn era behind the SB team. Too bad it was Sarkisian's first year calling plays.

  22. I remember when my falcons were serious super bowl contenders almost every year

  23. Pharaoh Cooper lost this game for the rams. Gave them great position off his fumbles for an easy 10 points for Atlanta.

  24. One of the few times in Falcons history that they went on the road and really bitchslapped a very good opponent. One of their franchise's most impressive all-around games.

  25. Anyone remember when the Ram's had their old logo? 😂

  26. I miss the uniforms on these teams as well as the old rams logo.

  27. your next hint is to go to my favorite moment off all time. (SIDELINE!)

  28. I remembered this game I watched, it hurt. Also lost to cheaters superbowl, and lost to green bay divisional round again this year 😢

  29. I was at this game! I’m a Niners fan so I was there as a neutral fan with my Montana jersey, but the atmosphere was great! Not bad for my first ever NFL Playoff game

  30. love the stadiums that have horrible grass, feels like real football

  31. I was at this game. Julio Jones is a beast.

  32. Surprise that the falcons didn’t choke 😂😂

  33. Who remembers hotlanta me neither 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

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