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Faro Card Shuffle

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  1. My hands are hurting from trying a lot of times to do this-

  2. i got 2 cards and then the others werent cooperating 😔

  3. Am I the only one? Or did this help with nothing? 🤷🏼

  4. Ummmm guys I think my hands are broken. I think I squeezed the deck too hard.💀

  5. I’m actually serious I feel like my fingers are broken when I try to bend my other thumb it won’t move💀

  6. Who allowed this woman to learn how to shuffle?

  7. Thanka for destroying my new cards

  8. I can’t learn the tricks you explain 😣 but i am totally obsessed 😍 with your work ♥️

  9. I Don't know anyone notice 😮 but i say when she cut the card in half it’s a two ace🤯🤯

  10. Very cool trick, but pretty much “now draw the rest of the ••••ing owl” as far as being instructional 😂

  11. Does not work with your super worn “lucky deck”

  12. me: try
    cards:doing it
    me: happy/surprised

  13. I like actually can’t get it to work for the love of god.

  14. Ronaldo lost it all in the last minute to get the money I have no idea where that came out and 🎉

  15. Ive been truing this for so long its now working on so FHCHXH MASSAAAAAD

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