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Fight the Landlord – Card Games That Don’t Suck

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  1. When I saw the list of different hands I immediately thought of Pai-Gow which makes sense after learning its a Chinese game.

  2. It's like One-Eyed Jack! Fun! I think it's also called something different in China…

  3. I like you guys, I really do… could you maybe leave politics out of it, though. I just want to relax and watch some lighthearted game reviews.

  4. "Now, the landlord, if they WIN, everybody pays them. But if the LANDLORD wins, they have to pay everybody else."

  5. isn't this just arsehole(røv hul) with betting ?

  6. First time hearing of this game while reading ‘Release that Witch’. Came to have a look and am pleasantly surprised.

  7. I play that game but with a variation. Is a free for all but ranked and no bets. The first one to free his hand is the king, next is prince, neutral, slave, mega slave. or just King, neutral and slave if you play 3 friends. Right, the king has to give his lower card to the slave and backwards, the slave has to give his best one. Neutral remains the same. And, if we have king and prince, it'll be 2 for the king and 1 for the prince. The funny thing is that the game can finish whenever you want because and you can end up being king starting as a neutral or slave if you play wisely. Ranks can always change from one play to another.

  8. Instructions unclear. Now own my apartment complex.

  9. What happens when you only have one joker?

  10. the option of desk vs 1 is cool. also option in doppelkopf where you play in teams – but you don't know with whom you are playing until the card's that denote it are played.. if by chance (uses 2 decks) 1 person holds both of the queens, they have to play solo..

    but you also can choose solo and you can even bet you win (before your opposite 3 can play) 30/60/90/120 points..
    my "solo, win under 60" where I was able to put my whole hand down without any hitch. hmm, sweet luck.

    still forgot most of the rules – _-

  11. but what happens if you cannot make any of the hands? if i have an 8 of hearts and a 3 of diamonds left, how do i start a new round?

  12. How do I see more games with Annie in them?

  13. With a bomb>bomb>rocket, wouldn’t that essentially octuple the bet?

  14. We play a similar game in New Zealand but we call it presidents and assh*les or P's & A's. Me and my friends have been playing this since we were like 9. Love this game, might add in the betting next time

  15. two questions for clarification:
    1: Does the "ROCKET" beat all "BOMBS"?
    2: Can anyone use "Rockets" and "bombs"

  16. Interesting, this is how the westerners call 'cap sa'

  17. I thought the way to beat the landlord was organizing a tenants union, but rockets and bombs sound promising too 🤩

  18. This very similar to a game we have in Albania called Murlan (or Mulan). Wherein 3-4 players fight to remove all cards from their hands by playing in the same order and rules as this game. But. Theres no landlord. Its everyone against everyone. And that is also hard to win.
    So i dont see how a landlord can win against two other players playing together. Must be way harder

  19. IDK why but,the dood on the right looks like Tony Stark with curly hair

  20. So it's three player Tichu with money on the line.

  21. Ah! My friends in middleschool played a similar game called scum.
    it works in a similar way. You divide the cards out evenly between atleast 2 people, atmost 5 with one deck of cards but leave no leftover cards on the table. The goal is to get rid of your hand first, and playing cards works the same way. The player that goes first is whoever has the ace of spades
    Then, after the first person gets rid of the hand, they're called the President. Next player is Vice, 3rd is Citizen, 4th is Vice scum, 5th is mega scum. The next round if it's the same people, the president can give their lowest 2 cards to the scum, while the scum HAS to give their 2 highest cards to the president. The vice gives their 1 lowest to vice scum, and vice scum gives their highest card to vice. Citizen does nothing. Jokers work the same way! Keep playing until someone rages about being scum 5 times in a row 🙂

  22. I have a card game called 'Gang of Four' which is very similar. It uses a specialist pack, rather than a normal one.

  23. Those noses are quite complementary.

  24. You know we play this for fun but with a little money in China,most of us will chose to be the landlord if possible,because if you win the two farmers you can get money from both of them,most of us are very confident enough to win hahaha,it’s a easy game in China,anyone can play it.

  25. how often does it come down to players only having single numbers with no match

  26. I played this recently with some friends, but decided to use standard US poker hands instead. Still ended up being a fine game with plenty of tension and scheming.

  27. Landlord need to reveal the last 3 cards to everyone before adding them to hand

  28. This is one of the most popular poker games in China.

  29. In Malaysia we call this game Dai di. Big two. Tho there's no joker variation

  30. 1:14 if the landlord wins only they score and if the team wins both of them score

  31. A lot like president, but with money being bet and a mechanic to more easily enable that.

  32. I'm at 4'06 and begging for matt to drop a standard reftence pear, claiming it's higher than the flat cards. Please, I am begging!

  33. we used to play this, but there was a suit hierarchy so 2 2's could be played on 2 2's

  34. This card game is a combination of Big 2 (Dai Di) and Mahjong. It's very challenging, I could play it for 8 hours straight and I'm 40 years old (you have to play it with money so people will be serious about it, but it does not need big money, just make it small sum just to make it fun). It really takes a lot of brainpower as memorizing the cards that come out will increase your chance of winning. After I played it for 8 hours, my body really felt tired the next day.

  35. When the landlord was chosen, that person was supposed to reveal the 3 cards on the table to everyone.

  36. Doing it with just multiples of the same number is basically capitalism/president

  37. Instructions unclear, I accidentally summoned my Blue Eyes White Dragon

  38. Great tutorial, but there are 2 small corrections:
    1. the three cards left are supposed to be shown to everyone once the landlord has been chosen.
    2. each time a bomb/rocket is played, the bid doubles (not just increment by the starting bid). so it would x4 starting bid upon the 2nd bomb, and x8 starting bid upon the 3rd.

  39. This looks a lot like the french game 'Président' or 'Trou du cul' named after the winner or loser. Except there is no biding but the loser gives his best card to the président for the next round, who gives his worst card to the loser. With 3 or more players, the middle one is/are safe and with 4 or more player, the winner trades 2 cards, the second one 1 card respectively from the last and second last player.
    For me the best card game that don't suck!

  40. i got curious about this game coz of a novel I've been reading.. so its a pusoy dos with a slightly different setting

  41. Can't use Twos or Jokers in any of the runs, except as kickers, so JQKA2 at 4:16 incorrect.

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