Finally a Reprint for the Most Busted Response Card! -

Finally a Reprint for the Most Busted Response Card!

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Forbidden Droplet has finally gotten a long sought after reprint, and in a rarity that’s more affordable than ever before!


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Why is Forbidden Droplet so good?:

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  1. Fun fact: if you decrease the number of monsters you control to less than the number of cards the opponent sent for cost, the entire negate effect will fizzle.

  2. low rarity aka second highest rarity of the set

  3. Honestly under most circumstances you don’t need to discard a spell card as most spell cards don’t stop other spell cards. Heck you could probably even get away without Discarding traps depending on matchup. The fact it’s uninteracttable if you discard a monster with other monsters is the reason it’s so good and I could honestly just say “ monsters cannot activate their effects in responsibilities card” End it would still see just as much play

  4. Seeing the price I'm assuming it's short printed

  5. Come on, it's just legendary duelist pack, imagine how hard it was to get magician's souls

  6. Really enjoying these short videos! I think it might be informative for new players

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