Follow The Rules or Else... | Board AF: Moose Master -

Follow The Rules or Else… | Board AF: Moose Master

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We’re playing Moose Master again, just a silly goofy time!



Courtney Miller //
Shayne Topp //
Damien Haas //
Spencer Agnew //
Angela Giarratana //

WHO YOU DON’T SEE (usually)
Director: Alex Tran
Editor: Andre Gardere
Dir Of Programming, Games: Spencer Agnew
Games – AP: Alex Tran
Games – Producer: Damien Haas
AD/ Production Manager: Jacqi Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art – Asst Dir.: Erin Kuschner
Art Coord.: Alex Aguilar
Audio Mixer: Greg Jones
Camera Operator: Vida Robbins
Content Manager: Lizzy Jones
Dir. Audience Dev & Distro: Rachel Evans
DIT/AE: Matt Duran
Dir. Of Photography: Brennan Iketani
Exec Coord: Erin Dougal
GFX: Brittany Hobbs
Post Manager: Luke Baker
Production Coord: Heidi Ha
Production Asst: Marcus Munguia
Sr. Dir. Of Production: Zoe Moacanin
Talent Coord: Selina Garcia
Wardrobe: Alicia Balderas

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  1. no one else notice damian said yes early on in the vid

  2. when they couldnt show teeth they sounded like special education kids

  3. This is the most i have laughed at a youtube video ever holay molay

  4. Courtney's twang on the "Kevin Bacon" and then Spencer's little "FeRGiE" was the besttttt😂😂😂

  5. I almost suffocated when Angela said “toes”

  6. this is actually the funniest giggliest video ever

  7. So is Angela being hazed or something? Lol seems like they're all kind of passively shitty to her and she seems great.

  8. This video was total chaos. I understand if you cant do it again but PLEASE DO! Lol

  9. Ill never get over how good Damien's chosen voice is

  10. I thought Angela and Damien were gonna open a wormhole because they tied at rock paper scissors 100 times like in Regular Show 😭

  11. Also I love the ad for the Across the peterverse movie 😍😍

  12. I would rather die taking Damien down at this point 🤣😂🤣😂

  13. What wouldve happened if it was twinge of horney, peter griffin voice, no teeth, closed eyes HAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. When Damien said ‘yes’ at 2:14 and no one noticed haha

  15. Come on guys surely you know how thumb master works lmao

  16. Had to immediately grab headphones for this video bc I’m with family 🫣

  17. this actually had me laughing to the point of tears

  18. 12:23 i tried to not show my teeth as well and holy shit my face hurts from just laughing nonstop. Banger vid 🤣

  19. It's been months, but 32:49 is now a routine part of my therapy. Thank you for this golden moment!

  20. This legit has been one of the funniest videos I’ve seen from them in a while. Laughed nonstop

  21. Shayne’s horny expression during the 9:00 ish madness just slays me

  22. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard for so long

  23. Technically Damien lost first because he said no and no one caught it so shayne and Courtney were the winners

  24. No seriously though I thought Angela's idea of looking away from the camera was HILARIOUS XD

  25. This is still the funniest video, I literally bought the game because of it.

  26. spencer doing the horny peter griffin was peak

  27. Damien and shayne winning completely striped from any decency and cursed by the other is such an appropiate end for a moose game

  28. Why do they call Courtney Corgan sometimes lol

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