Fortnite MYSTERY Card Game for *LOOT* (Minigame) -

Fortnite MYSTERY Card Game for *LOOT* (Minigame)

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Have you guys ever played Top Trumps? Well today we’re playing a gamemode just like it! Me and Jelly are dealt with mystery guns before laying them down against each other. Who got the better gun? Will we lay a good hand for the battle? Drop a like for more and check out the map! 4041-3403-7870



🎶 Credits

Electro – Swing || Jamie Berry Ft. Octavia Rose – Delight

Electro Swing || Jazzotron – I Can Swing (Grant Lazlo remix)

Epidemic Sound –

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✔️ This video is kid friendly / family friendly!


  1. Woah… Josh is a MIND READER

  2. Me watching this in 2021 I wish he would go back to some of his old vids like stuff like this again

  3. I used code Slogo in Fornite, then my friends said that I am cool

  4. … you didn’t get my card it was the like button but red

  5. Guys use Code slogo in the item to be cool like other people have use the code😎

  6. I used code slogo and now everyone in my school is now my friend

  7. I guessed the red like button not the black one

  8. I used code slogo and I am better then everybody.

  9. This is unfair because all the cards are like button cighter

  10. Josh : pick a card any card
    Me : takes his credit card
    Josh : this is not how your suposet to play the game

  11. I used code slogo now i am now a pro builder

  12. At the start of the video I picked the red like button not the black one xd

  13. I don't need press like button I picked the red like button😂

  14. I didn't choose the card black I did red card of like button

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