Fun Card Game I'm Betting You've Never Played Or Heard Of - Swoop | Rockin Robin Cooks -

Fun Card Game I’m Betting You’ve Never Played Or Heard Of – Swoop | Rockin Robin Cooks

Rockin Robin Cooks
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I’m betting you’ve never heard of this great card game called swoop. It’s a fun family card game that’s easy to play. Get together with family and friends for a game night with dinner, appetizers, and or desserts. I’ve got you covered there with lots of video recipes! Immerse yourself in the toilet-themed brilliance of skibidi toilet game. From the viral video origins to the latest monster wrestlers.
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This easy game is one of the best card games I’ve played in a while. Make some appetizers and desserts and invite a few people over. My tutorial will have you up in running in no time.

Swoop Card Game

3 – 8 Players
3 decks of cards preferably of different colors
Pen and paper for score keeping

Object of the game: To be the first to get rid of all 19 of your cards for each round and to have the lowest score at the end of the game. You decide how long a game is. We usually say we will play until someone reaches 500 points. At which point the person with the lowest score wins. You could also put a time limit on the game, that’s up to you.

Scoring is as follows:
Aces count as one.
Face cards are 10.
Other cards are counted at face value.
TENS and JOKERS are SWOOP cards and are worth 50 points each.

Place the 3 decks of cards in the center of the table face down. Mix the decks together with your hands. Each player selects 19 cards from the pile and keeps them face down.

Place 4 of your cards face down and unseen in front of you. Place 4 more cards face up, each on top of the 4 facedown cards.

Then sort your remaining 11 cards in numerical order for ease of play.

Have each player select a card from the pile to see who goes first. High card goes first.

Starting player chooses which cards he wants to discard, usually with his highest cards. He may discard as many of a denomination as he wants. Example: 3 Kings.

The next player must play at least one more Kings or any number lower than kings. For example if you have 4 or more of a denomination you can discard them all and call that a swoop. Anytime you make a swoop you get to play again.

As soon as a denomination reaches 4 of a kind or more, the player says “swoop” and the discarded pile is swooped to the out of play pile. That same player then gets to choose the next card(s) he wants to play from either his hand or his cards on the table in front of him.

When it’s his turn, a player may use a TEN or JOKER to swoop the cards from the table and then play whatever denomination he chooses.

The facedown cards can only be played after a swoop or if the player wishes to gamble that the facedown card might be lower than the one already played.
If a player is forced to play and uses a card that is bigger than what is exposed, he must pick up all the cards in the discard pile and play moves to the next player. If a player uses a facedown card to start, he may also play any matching cards from his hand.

Play continues until someone discards all their cards and goes out. All other players must add up their points and the score keeper keeps track of everyone’s points.

Start the next round with the winner going first.

Thanks for watching and sharing!
Rockin Robin
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  1. Hey this is the first time ever I didn't leave hungry after watching…this looks like a fun game..thanks for sharing..I'll try this out at the next get together

  2. I've not heard of this before, but it sure looks a good card game, I'm going to get some cards and start learning to play Thank you, for sharing Rockin Robin, 🙂

  3. Thanks Robin !! This looks like a lot of fun!! We will be playing this game for sure!! Love your channel and thanks for sharing 👍🏻👏👌

  4. Looks like fun! Maybe when my family comes to visit again we can all play. Unfortunately, I no longer live real close to them. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. This game sure looks like it's a lot of fun. Cheers, Robin!

  6. Oh yeah a new card game. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. Interesting game. Im going to introduce this game at our next family gathering. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love this game! Played it for the first time Saturday night and played for 7 hours, thank you for sharing

  9. Nice. Thank you. I really enjoyed this. Glad you posted.

  10. Thank you for posting this video! Sure is timely, with many schools closed, families can cut the boredom. Blessings

  11. I have been following your site for a long time. I have made many of the recipes you posted. All were hits with the family. Today I found your video on Swoop. We get together with our kids and grands to eat and play games. I can’t wait to teach them this one. Thank you so much!😊

  12. Love your videos! Saw a mention of this game on your Dalgano Coffee video posted by Sharon Taylor Creative.

    Looks like a lot of fun, thank you so much for sharing.

    Can’t wait to play with friends once they feel comfortable getting together again. 😷

  13. I can't figure out how to get the written rules. Can you help me?

  14. Thank you for the video! My grandma taught us this game and we loved it, but forgot how to play. This was a great refresher and now we are ready to play it again! Swoop is so fun!

  15. Glad someone finallly made a vid of this. We learned swoop at Palm Creek in Arizona 3 years ago. Sizeable groups of us would sit around and play swoop for hours. Fun game, lighter than bridge. Folks can get quite excited when yelling 'swoop!'

  16. We just learned this game and love it! Got any strategy suggestions?

  17. We play swoop and were looking for a refresher on how to play. Everything you described is just how I remember, but I was thinking there was some other rule about when you can use the up-facing cards on the table. For example, if you had a king showing on the table, but none in your hand, can you play the king?.Thanks for the refresher. Swoop is our favorite card game! You’re right, we couldn’t find anything else online about swoop. Where are you located? We learned the game from folks in Pagosa Springs, CO.

  18. Looks like it would be a lot more fun with friends. 😉 Seems remarkably similar, if I recall correctly, to a packaged game I’ve played in the past.

  19. I learned how to play Swoop about 5 years ago. I was taught by a couple of card sharks in Chandler, Arizona. The senior community seem to know the best card games!

  20. Just heard of this game, and told there was nothing on internet. Not anymore!

  21. Great game that I learned on a camping trip this past weekend. Thanks for posting this so I can share with other family & friends.

  22. I don't see the description to save and print, where do I find it?

  23. Thanks for a great video, we have played before and I have a question you didn't hit upon.
    If you can't get under a card played and can't swoop it, you must pick up the cards and add them to your hand. Who then leads out after you have picked up? The next player in line?

  24. Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a new card game. My friends and I have been playing Phase 10 and I am getting tired of playing the same game over and over again. This looks like fun and easy enough to be able to visit while playing.

  25. Thank you for posting. Can you "go out" using a swoop card (10 or joker)? Example ….The player before me had to pick up the pile and I only have one card and it is a 10. Can I play it or do I have to pass?

  26. You say that "The facedown cards can only be played after a swoop…or". Does that mean the cards turned up on the table in front of player can be played at any time, including the start of the game?

  27. This game seems SUPER similar to the game 3up3down

  28. great game I forgot the rules so glad you have this you tube! thanks!

  29. We have been playing this game for over 3 years now and we call the game swipe…we have taught many people this game!

  30. Friends call this “grandma’s game” and Karma”

  31. So if I cannot play a lower card than what is required and I want to use one of my faceup cards of the 4 stacked, if I have 2 of the same facing up, can I play them both, thus uncovering 2 instead of 1. I still have to take the whole pile, but now I've effectively uncovered 2 instead of 1.

  32. Thanks for your video. My family is in a dilemma on the rules of when you can’t play a card at the same value or below. For example, if somebody plays a 2, and you don’t have a 2 or an ace, what happens after that? Do you play a higher card and then take the whole pile? Or do you take that higher card as part of the pile too?

  33. We have been playing something very similar called Swipe. Only difference is: No Jokers and 12 cards in your hand to start. That is, the Ten is the wild card. Rest appears the same. Have never been able to find anything on Swipe either. And, we use a card shuffler and, one person deals – 4 down, 4 up and then the 12 face down per player. One card at a time in clockwise direction. Lastly, one can only Swipe with 4 cards max.

  34. We played it last night. However, the person who taught us learned it from someone in her 55+ community. They call it Swipe. The only difference I see in the rules is she said we have 12 cards and the 10 is worth 20 and we didn't use the joker. Everything else is the same. Truly a fun game! I can't wait to teach other people.

  35. Video and instructions are very good Thank you. Looking forward to trying some recipes

  36. This is a great tutorial! We played it with my husband's sisters family (they called it Swoosh) and were trying to remember how to teach it to our family, so this was absolutely great! Thank you so much! My husband says you're a great teacher! 🙂

  37. Thank you for a good tutorial. One question I have is when you don’t have anything lower than what is on the pile and you have to play a higher card, you then have to take all the card and place them in your hands, is that player’s turn finished or does he get to play a new card starting a new pile?

  38. What do you do when the only card you have left is a swoop card? Do you discard and go out or do you have to pick up the other cards because it’s more points?

  39. Just played this recently, only we were told it was called 10’s. Great game!

  40. Rules question: I played this with friends, and I was under the belief if you have a card that can match or get under the card on the table, you have to either play that, or flip a face down and gamble you’ll get under it….. what our friends were doing is intentionally taking the pile when they liked the cards, by putting a high card over it, even though in their hand, they could have gotten under it. In one scenario, there were 2 6’s on the table, and the player got over the card by unloading 4 jacks, and gladly taking the 2 6’s. It made it too easy to dump bad cards. Are you allowed to intentionally take the pile?

  41. Toward the end of your video, you show player #1, just after a swoop, putting out two kings. Then you have that same player add one of his facedown cards, which happens to be a swoop card. If it had been a lower card, could he have played it, seeing that it doesn't match his king? As long as that card was either a swoop card or something lower, he can play it? But he couldn't play one of his lower cards in his hand, seeing that it doesn't match the king card?

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