Game of Thrones Card Game Review - with the Board Game Knights -

Game of Thrones Card Game Review – with the Board Game Knights

The Dice Tower
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The trio from Australia takes a look at the card game version of Game of Thrones

00:00 – Introduction
00:43 – Game overview
03:15 – Final thoughts

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  1. Thanks for your review of both this and the board game. I purchased a used copy of the board game months ago, and my go-to when I buy a new game is to google the name of the game and "Dice Tower". I was disappointed to learn from you and from others that the board game isn't many folks' favorite, but this review did make me purchase the card game!Fun enough, it's also my first LCG I've ever purchased. If I enjoy it, I'll probably snag LotR and Cthulhu at some point as well!

  2. The screen is 90% not the game for the entire video. We wanna see the games! And explain them a bit more

  3. I have the core set. and my wife would continuously pummel me with the Lanisport Brothel. It wasn't until we got the other houses (Greyjoy and Martell) that I was able to actually beat her.

  4. can't believe dice tower hasn't reviewed this game yet.. its the best of the lcg. 
    also the comment about the core set decks needing to be tournament ready is no offense just plan dumb and silly…. are the intro decks for magic and yugioh or any card game even netrunner, star wars, call of cthulhu whatever you can't do well with just the intro decks it makes no sense to be upset about that you need a reason for people to want to buy more. 

  5. I think this review is pointless at this moment of time. If people didn't found and pick the game by now they will probably not.

    And it is Military Challenge, not Combat.

  6. I disagree that the theme feels stronger in the board game. Seriously, the board game has immortal heroes, the card game does not. Have you read a song of ice and fire?

  7. If you hate the idea of multiple core sets for complete sets of 3x cards, a complete set of say, M14 will run you hundreds if not a thousand more (4xevery card).

    LCGs are far cheaper to experience than CCGs.

  8. Are you going to do a review of the HBO show focused two player game that pits Lannister against Stark? I'd like to hear a comparison between that and the fuller, expandable LCG.

  9. not better than the boardgame …. very confusing …  very long to play at 4 players … but its pretty cool 

  10. i can't agree with you! this card game adaptation is nothing compares to thrill of the boardgame

  11. Cant find your review for 2nd edition??

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