Gears of War The Card Game Early Unboxing! -

Gears of War The Card Game Early Unboxing!

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Gears of War Unboxing – New Gears of War The Card Game Early Unboxing!

Welcome back to another Gears of War Video! Today I am going to be sharing a new Gears of War unboxing video with the all new Gears of War The Card Game Unboxing early, this includes the full game of the Gears of War Card game, Gears of War Card game cards & more!

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Video upload by SASxSH4DOWZ (Shadowz Gears of War)

Gears of War © Microsoft Corporation. “Gears of War The Card Game Early Unboxing!” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Gears of War and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.


  1. I don’t play card game’s and I would play a Gears card game.

  2. Como eu queria esse jogo em português para Brasil 😢

  3. They need to have separated the cards by their group and have had the core cards all together instead of having to hunt through all the cards.

  4. So many of the cog soldiers were the same but had a different name. There could have been either named characters, there several Carmines that could have been there. And like 5 different Marcus and Dom's. Come-on, this could have been great. But what really matters is how it plays. I'll wait for reviews and play throughs before I spend my hard earned money on this.

  5. Took him 4 minutes just to open it jesus christ man, so much wasted time. Need to get to the point, way too much filler

  6. Thanks for showing off the game, but the game itself looking unbelievably low effort (characters being unnamed like Hoffman, Grenadier Elite just being Grenadier zoomed in, etc.) makes this a bit of an embarassing project.

  7. They should add foil rarities too for collection purposes that’ll be lit

  8. this was so freaking cool when it comes out imma buy it for sure.

  9. Will you put up a video of playing the game. Also any ideas on price tag

  10. Sasxsh4dowz.Good morning!so useful unboxing.

  11. I dont really like that many cards in the cog deck are just Marcus and Dom but with different names while other character appear unnamed (ex. Hoffman being called Just "veteran"). The game still looks good all in all but i guess they didn't really try hard


  13. They should create the Trinity RiftWorms🐛 as powerful boss cards, similar to Yugioh egyptian gods

  14. I’m not gonna lie this is cool and I’m down for a 2nd rerelease of Gears 1 as a Card game but did they really think “Alright this is what us and investors need to keep this franchise profitable” They will definitely get a lot of long time fans buying this and that will include me but there’s no way they went in and replaced Gears Pop (which I considered very fun) for a rerelease of Gears 1 as a CARD game. Man I really hope it prospers and doesn’t get discontinued because I do love everything about Gears but it’s just hard to think that unless it pulls Magic: The Gathering or Pokémon level profits that it’ll amount to anything. This will definitely revive the Gears 5 Esports scene though 😂🫠

  15. Awesome video man I’ll definitely be buying one! Been following your channel for a long time you are thebest gears of war content creator out here keep grinding bro ⚙️

  16. I don't like how they just used screenshots and the basic character art for the cards. A lot of these i've seen a million times already. that's just boring.

  17. For that first picture in the rule book, it looks like Marcus and Dom from gears 2 when they first arrive in the hollow. Looks like it might be a split second or frame from the trailer for gears 2

  18. Love the layout of the cards but man I really do wish they used different art styles for the art work of the cards instead of just ripping it right off of the video games. It just seems lazy for them to do that. It's also very strange that for some characters instead of giving them their official names they called them lieutenant instead of Hoffman or kantus priest instead of savage kantus.

  19. Remember me and my friend both sweating for the Theron guard when it costed you scraps when the game first released instead of coins

  20. i wonder if people actually buying this… ah well..

  21. this makes me want to play gears 5 not gears card game

  22. can you get a card board cut out of dom and marcus that would be sick

  23. Yea this is a rip offf it's to many Marcus cards it don't even have jd or the tie cousin

  24. Ima gears fan and this they don't have even half of what's in the gears series most likely I'm not even buying this I wouldn't buy this as a collection at all it's pointless if you ask me all those Marcus cards could been dizzy , jace, presscott smh 🤦‍♂️

  25. A lot of the card's naming and pictures for those cards are annoying to see. Barely any named charcaters. They used a Grinder Pic for a Flame Boomer. Seems lazy work. I would only hope if this card game does not die, Steamforge take our critiques and that they release some packs of more named characters and put more effort into naming card's and the images

  26. •𝙻𝚊𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚊𝚜𝚙𝚎𝚗• says:

    Ok so i need help my brother is 6 and he plays this game CAN SOMEONE HELP ME GET HIM OFF OF IT BECAUSE HE LITERALLY IS GLUED TO IT!

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