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Genesis Augmented Reality Trading Card Game

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Mobile Augmented Reality has never been used in such an engaging way before. As children, we’ve all pretended – trying to take part in imaginary worlds full of might, magic and adventure, where victory was a product of your own colossal will and epic journeys were daily occurrences. We’ve painstakingly yearned for the creatures in Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh to come to life and allow us to personally experience the grand events that transpired on the TV show. As with everyone who experienced a similar yearning we ended up having to simply settle and rely on our mediocre imaginations to transport us to these new world.

As time wore on we ultimately grew up, and these dreams were made dormant, sadly placed on shelves and left to gather dust.

Forgetting these dreams of ours until we realized that enough was enough.

The team at Genesis decided that these dreams were meant to be pursued, not forgotten.


  1. This is looking way better than I thought it would from seeing it a while back.

  2. this isn't anything like mortal kombat since there is no combo system, the way it plays is more akin to a hack n' slash then an actual fighting game

  3. This was my idea exactly! Great minds think alike. If you need any more developers on board contact me 🙂

  4. looks cool AF , but it will laso be expensive AF also if i have to get the card then how i will gonna play online matchs ? 😀 its not like every friend you have got tons of cards and you prepare yourself for challenge them xD

  5. Need a huge stadium with dueling cards on Hologram effects.

  6. lol I was showing my 14 yrs sis this she was surprised what they did

  7. Not. Gonna lie, this game would look even more fun if there strategy to it rather then moving the monster around, the overall point to a card game is strategy basically, I mean how do you your victory is assured when you don’t have support for the monsters in your deck?

  8. can you make a upload the pictures of the cards that can be played in augmented reality

  9. Did this game ever get released? Would love to get in touch with the people behind this game. Please send them my way.

  10. Someone ripped off Eye of Judgement, Big time…

  11. Where to get the cards…ther is not more then the univers play.(solo play)

  12. did they really say "mortal combat and POKEMON?" this screams YuGiOh… I mean, at least go with Digimon if you're going that route…….

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  15. This would've made pokemon and yu gi yoh so much cooler

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