Genius Way To NEVER LOSE Online Poker -

Genius Way To NEVER LOSE Online Poker

Brandon B
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  1. Getting dumber by the minute watching Thai crap

  2. I will never get these seconds of my life back

  3. Reading this comment section will cause you to lose all faith in humanity’s intelligence. I’d estimate that the vast majority of people don’t understand that he’s simply explaining and showing off how he pulled off a cool video edit. This has nothing to do with actual poker or cheating in online poker. This is about video editing. Good lord…

  4. No sense can have. You put a draw card and maybe you have it on table. 😂

  5. This video is like its own cognitive test… the faster you realize you're being trolled the higher the score

  6. Bruh…………….
    …………………… Im jumping……

  7. What a colossal waste of time.. seems like all you wanted to do was impress your mom, who by the way didnt look like she could give less of a fk what you were doing

  8. So…. you live with your mom…. not surprising

  9. As soon as he threw the cards at the screen I went straight to the comments!!! 😂😂😂 I was fortunate enough to save a precious minute of my life 🎉😂🎉 So funny!!

  10. Bro, respect but like im curious what do you do
    In your daily life?

  11. Translation for those who don’t understand: “How I made a video edit that makes it look as if I’m cheating on online poker with card/screen magic”

  12. The only guaranteed way to never lose at on line poker:
    DON'T PLAY!!! 🙄

  13. Wtf i dont usually comment but your mom actually helped you do this stupidest video ever joker star

  14. This is the kind of guy that would build a bird nest

  15. Thank u for wasting a minute of our lives for dumb shi.t

  16. This guy has more talent in his left thumb than you gambling losers hahahaha

  17. Only YOU see that🤣… other players and site only recognize hand dealt on the site !

  18. Genius. Keep this up and you'll be able to move out of mummy's house

  19. One condom could of prevented this entire video🤷🏽‍♂️

  20. Y’all, he’s explaining how he edits his videos. Joke went over everybody’s head

  21. The sad part about this video is that this actually goes on in unregulated poker sites with super users

  22. No fkn clue what this dude is talking about

  23. Yes wtf did I just watch?! Duuuuuude😂

  24. the way these comments read you’d think this guy poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses instead of showing off his editing skills

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