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Goblin playing cards by Gemini

Cedric Siew – Magic & Cubing
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  1. Woah it’s like they’re…wait, never mind they’re just regular playing cards

  2. Gotta work on your one handed fan closing skills😩

  3. Move list:
    Splitty cards
    Geisha fan
    Spinny wheel
    Hand flippy

  4. Holly shit that brings a tear to the eye 🥲

  5. 「何かよくわからんけど凄い」選手権第5位

  6. I want that cards how to get that plz anyone help me

  7. I will never know how to do any of that with cards, yet I am at peace with that fact.

  8. ???「ショットガンシャッフルは、カードを痛めるぜ!」

  9. Might be interested if you showed what the face cards looked like.

  10. 0:28 yo intento hacer eso con mi juego de cartas de Yugioh y se terminan doblando feo

  11. Yeah, it’s all fun and games until he bends the cards

  12. ショットガンシャッフルはカードを痛めるぜ

  13. origami종이접는왕돼지 종이접기 origami says:


  14. Anything like this I try my card corners just split lol

  15. This design looks amazing except the faces could have been white

  16. Now I have seen some beautiful gold foil etched…but these have an eye catching beauty like a peacock 🦚

  17. Pliss tell to me what the name of song in this video

  18. 俺も小学生の頃にやってたな。。

  19. If it was red it would've been pewdiepie cards.

  20. What are they made of, are they just regular playing cards or something special?

  21. that's really a beautiful deck 👌 sadly sold out 😔

  22. the card back design looks like a fuse between pewdiepie’s old pfp and starbucks logo


    -Goblin slayer
    -love table

  24. I think this is the background music from dadcrush

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