Guess the Card WIN the Card! #magicthegathering #mtg #tcg #magic -

Guess the Card WIN the Card! #magicthegathering #mtg #tcg #magic

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  1. Sorry, why does no one ask if it's flying?

  2. Getting motion sickness here from the in and out.

  3. I like scrolling through these and closing ky eyws to play along. This was the first one ive gotten correct so far haha

  4. Is the effect good in magic, because in yugioh that'll be instantly banned forever

  5. Do Diabolic Tutor or Thoughtseize with a guy who played MB DEVO, plz. My favorite cards of all time. Tag me!

  6. Seriously some of the worst strategy I’ve ever seen on this game haha. Honestly I would choke like that too though.

  7. he asked have it 4 mana it has u retahrds

  8. Is it blue? Yes. Does it draw a card? Yes Is it a dragon? No. Is it from
    Eldraine set? No. Is it a red/black dragon from WoE that makes treasures? Captain obv over here.

  9. How random that his would show up in my feed. I moved into a house that had boxes of these cards left behind. Had no idea wth they were. Stuffed them out back in the shed.

  10. This series would be more interesting if they literally ever got them correct. Or even close. Their narrowing techniques always suck.

  11. The fact they aren't playing on a mat is making me a bit upset

  12. This game is like the 999. You gotta divy as close to as many cards as possible.

    Is it an artifact / creature / land / planeswalker?

    Those are the biggest divisions.

  13. I feel like no one has ever gotten them right. There are sooooo many cards out there that it’s hard to even remember names.

  14. These are dumb. There are way too many magic cards

  15. Dude asking some pretty wild questions when he doesnt even know the card type

  16. "does it etb draw you a card" – no
    "is it mull drifter?" ummm…

    I mean I get there's pressure but still

  17. He just stopped asking questions once he missed on the mana twice. Just keep narrowing it down bro

  18. "Is it blue? Is it from eldraine? Is it a dragon? It's not decadent dragon is it?” dude decadent dragon is a black and red card that makes treasures…

  19. Im not knowledgeable in mtg but didnt he say 4 mana and said no

  20. pushes up glasses technically it doesn’t let you draw a card it has you draw twooo

  21. Man was asking all the wrong questions. 💀 started strong then halfway started wondering off

  22. I use this in my OHKO Blue/Artifact draw deck.

  23. I collect vizzerdrix ,linch, rats ,and hydras I have not played in a very long time but collect

  24. "Is it blue? Does it let you draw a card? Is it a creature? Is it a fairy? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous?"

  25. You gotta make big swings "is it legal in modern?" "Is it legal in pioneer?" "Does it draw off a triggered ability?"

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