Guess the Card WIN the Card! #magicthegathering #mtg #tcg -

Guess the Card WIN the Card! #magicthegathering #mtg #tcg

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  1. Nah bruv, the land part was super dirty, refund reward!

  2. How many different card does the Magic TCg have ? Cause it look difficult af 😅

  3. It does mess with lands though, Lotus Field.

  4. i love how the person that does the quiz DOESNT know things

  5. My man playing One Piece, he knows things

  6. Threw him ALL THE WAY OFF on purpose telling him it cares about lands.

  7. i dont know anything about magic, but I find this interesting

  8. I feel a better wording for the lands question would be "not specifically"

  9. this guy always misleads ppl with comments like that "no, well kinda."

  10. The Land thing really threw him off.
    I'd be annoyed tbh

  11. god these people are really bad at this game lol

  12. I know the rest of your comments are already piling on the land thing, i just wanna add that setting people up for failure like that isn't very amusing to watch, and my guess is you want your videos to be amusing..
    So lessons to be learned

  13. Hahaha yeah I never would have guessed shadowspear after you brought up lands, even though youre technically right.

  14. It feels like half of these videos, he always gives some vague misleading answer/hint

  15. That land answer was horseshit. If this was a million dollar game show that’s a lawsuit haha.

  16. There’s just way to many cards in magic for this lol

  17. The land effect was too much for this poor prey. Bro just give precise clues not tricky tricks like this just feel bad for the people.

  18. I’d be pissed, you saying “technically” when he asked if it did something with lands is so bad here. Should have just said no it would have been much better for him

  19. He said 'technically' and 'kind of' interacts with lands, pretty clear lands are not the focus which was more giving a hint that it was not lands specific than misleading him.

  20. Being purposely misleading makes these videos unfun, if you confuse them just clear it up they will never guess the card if you say "well kinda"

  21. Telling him it dealt with lands is a bit of a stretch. Do better

  22. Telling him it had anything to do with lands was BS.

  23. It interacts with permanents, could have given that hint because thats even more vague and less misleading

  24. Literally setting these dudes up to fail, its like you dont know the rules of mtg while answering questions about the cards lol

  25. Y'all dissing him for the lands, he wasn't sure what to say. He could've just said "yes" because it affects opponent permanents but instead chose to say no and then clarify that it only "kind of" has something to do with lands. Dude could have asked other questions.

  26. Is permanent?

    Is: land, creature…?

    CMC 3 or less?

    Is CMC: 0, 1…?

    Is one or more colors? (if is any other permanent apart from land, I prefer to ask two or more colors)

    Is legal in: Standard, Pioneer…?

    Is it legendary?

    Is the Ozolith?

    If it wasn't legendary, I probably wouldn't guess it. I think I would have tried to find out if it's rare or mythic, and from there I would have come up with Grafdigger's Cage… and if it isn't then I would be screwed. It could have perfectly been Bomat Courier but I would have been so focused on thinking about artifacts exclusively that for sure I would have forgotten about the artifact & creature (well now that I think about it, when guessing permanents I always start with land, creature for a reason) and my 1m to guess gone.

    Man, this "game" is so addictive, I don't know why. Someone should program a dumb app to play it, like an Akinator in reverse hahaha

  27. Lands are permanents. It literally deals with lands. People are tripping on this comment thread lmao.

  28. I mean lands are permanents, so yes Shadowspear does interact with them

  29. How are are nerds part of social media lol

  30. I’m the dude from the video, the worst part about this was my friend and I were talking about shadowspear before I got quizzed I was so tilted 😂

  31. This video gave me bootyhole cancer thanks.

  32. The land thing would have thrown me off as well.

  33. Bro, you screwed him up with the lands thing.

  34. That’s ducking dumb.. way to confuse the hell out of him

  35. The camera gets this guy everytime! I hope he goes back to back lol

  36. when he asked if it dealt with lands the correct reply for what I think is a good hint was 'what are lands?'

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