GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Android Launch Trailer -

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Android Launch Trailer

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  1. Already playing!! Thanks CDPR!!

  2. W końcu kurwa ile można było czekac

  3. Anyone know when my ps4 account will make it to GOG? Did the request over a month ago

  4. Gwent trailer: show all the aoe card of the game

  5. Its worth playing now?, so many players hate homecoming

  6. I know I'm pushing our luck, but…..
    thronebreaker when?🌚

  7. Se demoraron mucho, hace tiempo debían abandonar a las consolas y solo enfocarse en PC y móviles, ahora que salieron nuevos juegos como Legens of Runeterra no creo que pegue tanto el Gwent.

  8. Me: Walks in the hospital and tests for Corona Virus
    Doctor: Sir, you have COVID-19, we need to isolate you.
    Me: How bout a game of Gwent first
    Doctor: nods head

  9. A lot of new players just got into Gwent, don't be too hard on them 🙂

  10. Why would you not have a link to the game in the description?

  11. until when it´s available the ursine season? it doesn´t show up in the app

  12. I was able to use my account from playstation lol epic.

  13. Witcher is also currently on sale

  14. Says my phone isn't compatible for this version
    Me: My heart lay not in the cards…but the devs hands.

  15. The gwent on the witcher 3 was a masterpiece, we talk about it all the time, this ? This can't be even be called gwent…

  16. So how do you claim reward keys for 8 days after android launch? I didn't get any for 2nd day now.

  17. Не понял, а как же Хартстоун?

  18. My device is two years old so I can't play it.. I bought it for Gwent. So sad.

  19. This is nothing like the one in the witcher game

  20. Better, if android realised before SH1TiOS

  21. Show me what you have in sto-.

    Wouldn't mind a few rounds of card

  22. I was waiting for this since gwent for pc was anounced and now my phone can't install it… It's a very nice world… I'll keep playing in my pc for the moment and waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 TwT

  23. This is nothing like Gwent. Have any of you played Gwent in game and this one?
    They are so so different., one of main differences is while in game you have 3 fields to place cars., here you have 2. What's with this attack functions? That was not in the original game., Why you changed it this much, and for it to be nearly 3gb in size is absurd.. What the hell folks?

  24. Unfortunately COVID-19 exists
    POSITIVE SIDE: Gwent for Android

  25. Kiedy i czy Gwent będzie dostępny na AppGalery?

  26. I signed up a long time ago and you haven't unlocked the Imperial Golem avatar

  27. Conquer the world… of the Witcher! By playing a children's card game… Until you realize that nobody in that world will play your edgy shadow games and will just kill you and steal yo' stuff.

  28. …another Heartstone style game. I think gwent taking place in W3 was great.

  29. now that foltest, emhyr, eredin…. are just skins, can you them as cards pls? is it too much?

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