GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Android Launch Trailer -

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Android Launch Trailer

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  1. this Quarantine only make my card stronger!!!

  2. Where i can get some decks? There are other site or there is only gwent site? Thank you for any answer

  3. When people are talking about witcher 4, we talk about the real game here.

    Just kidding CDPR games are great, looking forward with Cyberpunk 2077

  4. Gonna have to buy a new phone for this any suggestions

  5. I feel its 2 years late. I played first on PC then switched to PS4. Then they shut down PS4. Don't think I will give it another go

  6. Like any other card game, its pay 2 win. I hope CDPR doesnt do the same. I wanna feel that grinding for my cards was worth it

  7. Gwent: "You can play me from anywhere now!"
    Virus "Nah-ah-ah!"

  8. Yeah!!! finally long rounds due to weak telephones and lost connections.

  9. BlackberryOS when? HarmonyOS when? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. The time has come…execute order: Download NOW!

  11. У вас нихрена не для всех телефонов. Сделайте всё нормально.

  12. А можна грати на Російській мові?

  13. Okay introwertyczne nerdy
    Pierwszy raz w historii możemy uratować świat siedząc w domu i grając w Gwinta
    Nie spieprzmy tego

  14. This is great and all, but you guys kinda forgot to make your game actually interesting and fun to play

  15. После скачивания висит долго загрузка, потом просто выдает ошибку подключения. У кого похожая проблема или кто знает что делать? помогите.

  16. It's kinda broken. Also I want my Mulligan elves back.

  17. I was part of the first Gwent beta years ago on PC. Now to see it come full circle all the way to Android… it's a beautiful thing.

  18. "not compatible with your device" well that was disappointing. As a new person who really enjoyed it on Ps4 (I literally started playing at the end of last year) I now cannot play on mobile either. Back to duel links. It was fun playing while I can.

  19. @Gwent Troche kiepsko bo ja to mam android 6.0 a gra wyaga 7.0 dlaczego 🙁 ? Da sie coś z tym zrobić ?
    @Gwent I have Android 6.0 on my mobile this game need 7.0 version why :(? So can you do something witch this?

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