GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Official Launch Trailer -

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Official Launch Trailer

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Watch the official launch trailer for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game — a free to play strategy card game! You can download it from

In GWENT, players from all around the world clash in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing, careful deck constructions and on-the-fly decision making.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is coming out of beta on PC on October 23rd. The launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will follow December 4th.


  1. Обожаю такие ролики! может вы фильм снимите на основе компьютерной графики!

  2. I need mode DLC fo W3, I play it 2 times (500h+) and it sooo short game :/ But this will be goot too.

  3. Sorry to tell you guys – but i dislike everything of your rework of the game.
    Pls give us a beta-server where we can play the old game that i loved.
    Less rows = less options = less cards to set = less cards you can buff or interact with = less possibilities to outplay your opponent = less options for wheather, relocation and every-row-damage-things = less fun
    rowspecific cards in two rows = no decicions to make at all = less fun
    Limit of 10 cards in hand = less options = no extended rounds to play = less options to care = no drypass-option = less fun
    3 new cards every round my hell, so much mulligan, why, don't mind deckbuilding at all
    no silver cards = more gold cards = gold cards are pretty sad to have now, no feeling of "yeah" any more = less fun
    Limit to 2 bronzes = less options = less thinking: he played 1, now 2, does he have one more or not = you have to play much more stuff = less chance to predict the enemys hand = less fun 
    less stats = less options = you feel half as strong as before = no yeah-feeling =  no decicions to do 4 damage to a 2 point-card to remove it and waste 2 damage or otherway round = no fun
    same faces to different content = worst thing one can do at all = no fun at all
    first reading of the new cards = less archetypes, especially missing a lot of archetypes = less fun to play
    the hero cards standing aside of the board, hell why, to forget to use him, for senseless pimping something, mean it's not looking so bad, but useless and irritating when playing the game; you wouldn't like to play chess or go or something like that in such a messy board = less fun to play
    less, less, less of everything
    sorry, but i don't want to spend hours of hours in a game that doesn't feel great any more to find new things i like
    the deck-builder not up to date at my opinion, copy-paste decks, self-crafting the missing cards, possibilities to sort the created decks, for a beta i took those things, but for homecoming…
    and those new things, i don't know why, look so forced, we need a tree of success or progress, which you perhaps need to craft the other heros – no fun to me
    all in all it's a compete new game, 4 me a big mistake to change everything one could identify with in the beta-game
    perhaps it's a better game now, perhaps if one could play it with a fresh mind, it's fun to play, perhaps it's now more esporty, or long-term-fun and balancable, so perhaps for new players it is a great choice to play
    but for me, who loved the beta-game, much to much changes, it's a new game now, and you triggered me, i will never be able to enjoy this game – sorry
    if doing so much changes, you should have to have tested them in the beta before doing this
    PS: for more critics listen to this one lifecoach-stream, which goes approximately in my direction

  4. Amazing, will check it out for the first time after closed beta today.

  5. Stopped playing Beta due to the horrific board visuals….
    This final version though….. wow.

    Artifact may just have to wait now.

  6. anyone know how much scrap you need to craft all units into preimium or no premium?

  7. I hope that a mobile version will be released someday 🙂

  8. День, когда Hearthstone умер

  9. I love Hearthstone, but holly shit this game is good

  10. The fuck is Geralt doing at the front of an army?

  11. they Fucked up all the beta players, their collections and their decks. Nice graphics btw, but I can't spend more time in gwent, probably they are going to change everything the next month.

  12. creo que han infantilizado la beta. Más animaciones, más imágenes, pero han reducido a dos los campos de efectos, han hecho habilidades que necesitan ser activadas, han metido un exceso de mulligan lo que reduce el ingenio a la hora de crear la baraja; han metido limitación de la mano a 10 cartas, colocado la absurda necesidad de clickar para terminar el turno, han elevado los requisitos para construir cartas con restos (supongo que para que las compres con dinero) , han cambiado todas las habilidades de las cartas, y han sacado de los turnos las habilidades de los líderes. Todo el juego se ha vuelto menos cerebral, ha estandarizado mecánicas para que sean más intuitivas y habituales. Han despreciado las líneas que habían seguido en la beta en favor de cierta espectacularidad y generalidad. No digo que sea malo, pero no es el mismo juego de la beta y se han cargado las experiencias y opiniones de miles de jugadores. Supongo que los sustituirán con los de consola. Muy bonito el trailer.

  13. game very good , i have full ciri , yen, geralt , triss :)) .
     but , why the lodge of sorceresses most card purple :))
    except keira mezt is gold and francesca findabair is lead card =))

  14. Don't like it
    I prefer the old one
    Well time to chose a new card game

  15. Przepraszam bardzo. Co w tej bitwie robi Geralt, który powinien być neutralnym zabójcą potworów? 😌

  16. Is it better than Gwent from a year ago? That was so boring

  17. im kinda mad, that all the card i have collected dissapeard after this realese… i have been playing for some time now. so sad

  18. Mhm, a gdzie jest polska wersja? Angielskie wafle!

  19. Thronebreaker last me nearly 40hrs. Only CDPR can do great games that really are worth our money

  20. Love playing Gwent on Witcher 3. It's so much fun! "Wouldn't mind a few rounds of Gwent…"

  21. Only question i have is what happens to all the progress you have on normal gwent

  22. Fighting on the front lines there, Geralt?

    That's… unusual for you.

    Maybe you should ask Coën for some advice on…



  23. It really sucks how it's become a generic "war" theme instead of an actual card game.

  24. I am still waiting for the REAL Gwent (the one from the game)

  25. You progress so much faster in Gwent than in Hearthstone. It's still a grind but it doesn't feel nearly as unfair as in hearthstone where you either need to play every day for hours or spend money to play fun decks.

  26. Calidad 🔝Força nilfgaard. Fuck Netflix cast 💩

  27. When the Gwent trailer is so much better than Netflix adaptation of Witcher

  28. Please make a mac version and mobile version asap 😭

  29. Bring back the 3 row types and you can call it Gwent.

  30. ignoring mobile platforms is a bad decision… I would buy Thronebreaker and Gwent on my IPhone 6s.

  31. I liked more the beta version than this one, it's not like gwent, that's my feeling, I used play for hours, but right now naaa… Anyway it's not a bad game, but I'm out of this new gwent version

  32. ey yo what is the song at the beginning?

  33. So…is this available on the phone…because apparently Diablo Immortal is and we all have phones…so…

  34. It's not a gwent trailer if your nipples dont get hard

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