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baby nateee
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  1. This is a genuine strategy that works sometimes and I don’t get it… they pull elixir from the 8th dimension and you get overwhelmed.

  2. Top ladderrrr OMG hi sistersss💅🏻💅🏻

  3. wait, so whats his win condition? rocket?

  4. delivery is the biggest bail out card in the game 😂

  5. Can you tell me how you get damage with that deck? Spam miner for chip damage or rocket cycle?

  6. 5.4 elixer decks in 3x elixer is like they on 7x i swear 😭

  7. This guy 's voice is fucking triggering me. "maybe hmmmm"

  8. What type of shampoo do you use when I sniff you in your sleep you smell really good

  9. I deserve to be in that dude's place more than he does

  10. Its sad that people like this can actually get anywhere. This game caters towards braindead beatdown decks a bit too much.
    Just look at Lavahound this season. Im facing lavahound evo barbs like every other game. Gob giant sparky the rest.

  11. Its meta last season, stipid kid

  12. everyone is saying how braindead the enemy is when he’s close to winning. If the deck is so easy to win or the player is braindead, why don’t you use the same deck and see if you have any luck climbing ladder

  13. Why u keep getting zestier and zestier

  14. "This guy us running 5.4 elixir deck on top ladderrrrrrrrr" bro why you sound gay😭

  15. Buddy quit scaring the shit out of ur father.😂

  16. Honestly I respect him for making an original deck

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