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HOLDING THE FRONT LINE! – WW2 Collectable Card Game – KARDS Gameplay

Pixelated Apollo
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HOLDING THE FRONT LINE! – WW2 Collectable Card Game – KARDS Gameplay – Hey guys! Today I return to the ww2 collectible card game called KARDS. I will be going over the basics of all the Nations in the game, and I will be playing a few matches as the USA. KARDS is free to play!

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  1. When he said Hey guys, wassup

    I felt that… 😔

  2. Great game man. This artwork is excellently made. I hope they will add more factions, like italy, china france etc.

  3. Can you do Rome 2 naval battle 4v4 ?

  4. As someone that has played a lot of card games and auto battlers probably stick to total war or put in a lot of practice i haven't played that game and i no where u missed up with ur combos but still love ur content

  5. Mi Lourde, instead of cash, do the take granola? I’m a broke student and granola seeker for your knights.

    Looks cool though man. I love card games. And granola of course! Let’s play some Insurgency Sandstorm together! The co-op mode is pretty dope and makes for some suspenseful action scenes. Let’s play sometime. With my maxed out Uzi Mac-10 wrecking terroists and baptized wraites alike!

  6. You need to focus on the headquarter

  7. Is it available on iOS, or an other sort game?

  8. Apollo, Apollo, APOLLO!!! can we start the game lol.

  9. The more cards you can get in your hand the better, always have cards that bring more cards to your hand

  10. "Britain is probably my favorite because I'm a defensive player" Who are you and what did you do to the shield-biter pixie poo?

  11. Looks great, hope you'll play that game more often!!

  12. Hoi4? Pls.If you dont know how to play just react, and learn that way.

  13. Total appalo going idiot on this game look at what you did at the end of deacons game could have one it if used to attack target differently

  14. Its ight apollo. Cant always get the W

  15. Why don’t you make a deck with the greyhound tanks and artillery in the back since they will gain damage points from the greyhound and use guard units so they can’t focus down your artillery

  16. Perfect reasons why this game gave e headaches

  17. This game is awesome can't for the full version in 2 days

  18. wow…. I would love to have this game… but in real life…it would be so awesome

  19. This remembers me of World of Tanks Generals. That was a great little game but this looks more advanced. Awesome! I shall play it a lot! The art work is superb!

  20. This game is one of that games that i would love to play because of the theme and all that, but not gonna play it. You shoudnt be abble to use axys and allies in the same deck.

  21. Its so hard watching you miss Opportunities to deal Good amounts of damage

  22. Looking you play almost brought me cancer. You clearly have no idea how those kinda games work, waste of time for both of us sadly

  23. Anyone play the last crusade world war 2 card game?

  24. They already ruined the game with mixing opposite sides. I just lost interest. It must have been a good historical game. Missed opportunity.

  25. This game is great and incredibly underrated

  26. 😂found this video researching a WW2 card game to see if there was one.

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