How I Made a Card Game (Game Mechanics) -

How I Made a Card Game (Game Mechanics)

Gem Blenders
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Growing up I played a bunch of Pokémon, Magic, and Yu-Gi-Oh, but I always wanted to invent my own game. It is important that Gem Blenders has it’s own distinct flavor of gameplay to make it stand out! Learn about my inspiration for the mechanics of Gem Blenders and how it’s similar to and different from other card games.

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  1. There is definitely a gap in the market currently for a new card game to really take hold. With Pokémon and other card games being so expensive, gem blenders has a really good chance to fill the void.

  2. Started liking your video with your speech about not being a destruction focused game neither wanting to be a cheap copy of other games. I actually really hate the mana/energy dynamics in magic and pokemon, I really don't understand why you think using gems looks original, thumbs up for your effort and initiative.

  3. Awesome concept for a tcg. I’m starting out with my tcg and looking for some inspiration.

  4. For christmas i got "Blank Playing Cards" So i got into making a card game!

  5. I have a question about playing order and multiplayer aspect of a card game.
    Do note that I am not familiar with Gem Blenders, I just found this video ^^'
    But how do you determine which ability goes first and how that affects other cards?
    And how do you decide that with multiplayers? Since 3 or 4 cards can face off against each other at the same time

  6. How to buy it (or print it depending of the situation) and if it's a game that is for buying it ship into brazil?

  7. Cant wait for this release after playing it at PLAY NYC this summer

  8. how do you do the printing what all do you use could you maybe make a tutorial

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