How Pokémon Became a Global Phenomenon: Trading Card Game -

How Pokémon Became a Global Phenomenon: Trading Card Game
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Over 25 years, Pokémon has turned Pocket Monsters into pop culture giants. Join us for our three-part series as we travel back through the evolution of the franchise. In this episode we look at the trading card game! From its first iteration all the way through to Generation VIII, the TCG has come a long way, and saw a massive resurgence during the pandemic. Around the world, it’s sold over 34 billion cards! How’s your collection looking? What’s your most valuable card? Do you prefer to play or just collect? Tell us in the comments.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 First Generation
2:14 Pokémania
3:22 Neo Series
4:01 E-Cards
4:39 New Rivals
6:00 Black & White
7:14 2020 Insanity

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  1. I use to collect pokemon cards until I found out pokemon fans thought my favorite game franchise was a rip off it was yokai watch it has 4 games so far in the series and the 4th one only released in Japan but some pokemon fan made a video talking about saying it was a rip off and said that one of them looked like the pokemon nine tails but that's because both are based of a yokai those have existed long before pokemon was made yokai watch just happened to come out after pokemon and it is way different than pokemon the yokai all are intelligent like humans pretty much every one of them the games where great the show was great and the movies were great and they didn't even make trading cards for most of it time until then they didn't sell well instead thay made little medals you put in a thing that looked like a watch it would play a song and say its name .

  2. Unfortunately I don't know anybody who used to have Pokemon cards but I know people used to have Yu-Gi-Oh cards? Aaaaaaaaaayyyyy

  3. I sometimes collect cards just for the fun of it. Mainly if I happen to find anything from a summer flea market.

  4. It's also worth noting that I never personally had Pokemon cards

  5. I never played pokemon, I just thought it wouldn't be a cool game; but now I'm second guessing it. What I thought was cool was magic the gathering, they have much more mature pictures on the cards and there's a bit of strategy that comes along with the game.

  6. If you don't think every day is a good day, just try missing one.

  7. Logan Paul did more harm than good…. I was one who choose to stop collecting when prices sky rocketed

    My collection is something i keep and will probably never flip but the current trend and set makes no sense if the market is flooded, why buy for extreme price

  8. and that's how the trading card game got ruined once he stepped in. I didn't realize he could also ruin Pokemon cards for people

  9. Love your content!! It's so well produced. Stay safe everyone 🌻🍒

  10. Don't get me wrong he may have made it more popular again by jumping in but I'm pretty sure there was a thing with scams and stuff

  11. what song was in at the beginning??? That sounds so good

  12. That commercial you first show was straight blast from the past me 5 years old watching Pokemon on my VHS player .

  13. I got two Charizard first edition holographic Charizard cards in the very first two first edition Pokémon packs I got in mint condition. I was truly lucky and a Savage.

  14. I am a legendary person And every woman knows me says:

    Pokémon greatness

  15. Since Pokémon became a Global phenomenin i think its MORE than right & fair that the Pokémon anime gets re-released on TV, DVDs & Bluerays with the japanese version WITOUT the changes, censorship & removed parts from the episodes.

  16. I wish I had my old pokemon cards 😩 I could have made a fortune but my mum threw them out. I even had an og chairzard. .. 😕

  17. Loved the the card game. Still own my 1st gen deck :]

  18. My expertise in Pokémon. I’m just waiting for that base set Charizard to come back in the mail from getting graded. Hoping for a 9, it’ll probably be an 8.

  19. Maaaaan……….. Back in the day when I was in elementary school, me and other students used to battle using our Pokemon cards during recess like it was about to be a real fight frfr LMFAO!!!!

  20. I love this Trend because you get rich quick by your own Childhood Nostalgia.

  21. Are you doing a top 10 showcases at the PlayStation Showcase?

  22. I collected the cards for years but i have slowly stopped as i got into college and that takes up most of my time. The last time i counted i had over 1,000 cards and this is after I have been collecting them since around 2004.

  23. Im m not a good person I sto pokemon card who was a friend

  24. Recently got back into it, got myself a mint near mint 1st edition team rocket set.

  25. What some of us wouldn't do if we didn't have Pokemon.

  26. The Pokémon go pokemania was nuts. I remember Pokémon go was life!!! There was a story about how a guy got stabbed and mugged for his wallet and I guess he kept playing Pokémon go for a couple hours before he finally went to the hospital 😂

  27. Channel views and likes are dying 😭

  28. Meanwhile the prices of the 3DS and before games have risen dramatically during the recent part of the pandemic.

  29. Bruh pokemon is older than me but still surprising that how this game became a world wide game.

  30. pokemon used to be affordable that was the reason one got into the game its cool it got popular again but now i cant afford it

  31. Pokémon cards went away after You-Gi-Oh cards showed up.

  32. Logan Paul ruined my hobby that I’ve been a part of since the beginning of the trend

  33. I was just starting my teen years when this was taking off and I never got into the game and kind of brushed off the cards as a gimmick for kids that would go away within a few years. Boy was I wrong!!!!!!

  34. The trading cards being a big hit, since the Garbage Pail Kids phenomenon. I thought Pokémon was just an anime and Game Boy game. My middle school went so crazy over Pokémon cards!

  35. Looking back at these ads, I get that boys wouldn't play games advertised to girls, but the same was not true in reverse, but it's really depressing that girls were not directly advertised to outside the cuteness of so many starter and second evolutionary stages themselves. Mew was my favorite and they're adorable, pink, bubbly, and a god. So. Take that patriarchy. My pink girly pokemon is going to have the power to destroy your world and will instead play with a yoyo.

  36. I would buy cards that show a rare card and features info on the most it sold for in 2020, to pair up with the actual cards I did not sell when prices were at a peak.

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