How to build a Pokemon Deck for Beginners: 3 Easy Steps -

How to build a Pokemon Deck for Beginners: 3 Easy Steps

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In this video I will teach you how to build a Pokemon Deck for Beginners. If you have ever wanted to build a Pokemon deck and didn’t know where to start, then this is the video for you! Remember this video is to help you get an idea of what a Pokemon deck should look like when built you do not need the use the exact cards I use. Feel free to experiment with different pokemon evolutions and different trainer cards. This video is just to get you started with your first custom built pokemon TCG deck the easy way with helpful tips and tricks. If you enjoyed this video be sure to check out my how to play video for a helpful guide.
Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. This is hands down the best and most efficiant tutorial. Thanks🔥🔥

  2. I’ve come up with a system. After every game I re-sort my decks; I have a different deck of each specific Pokémon types with their respective energy cards. I have a deck of trainer and special energy cards that I have ready to interchange to a specific deck of Pokémon/energy.

  3. one question. In the video you didn't mention anything about stadium cards, how do we go about that?

  4. If you use an attack that requires 2 or 3 energy, do you have to then discard those energy cards and rebuild that Pokémon back up, or do you get to keep the energy cards? I know when you retreat you discard the stated energy cards, I didn’t know how it worked when attacking. Thank you!

  5. me who has lost all of my older cards and only has 2 energy cards:

  6. Best video ever for beginner. Thanks a lot!

  7. where would you say is a good place to buy? i just learned with the battle academy but the decks get very redundant

  8. Although i am an experienced tcg player I find this vedio not so great u will run out of energy cards easily so the one I use is
    30 pokemon,20 energy and rest is trainer cars

  9. u forgot 2 energys plane white and the dark yellow one

  10. if you only have basic and stage 1 and stage 2 cards what do you do

  11. thank you very much you helpt me a lot

  12. thank you very much for helping find out how to play


  14. Yea I wouldn’t bother trying to explain how “broken” V and GX cards can be compared to normal cards

  15. Thank you! Question. What is the most beginner friendly energy. I am focused on making a deck to play for fun.

  16. Where can i get the energies quickly? (And cheap)

  17. I have three different types of energy cards I win most of the time lol

  18. I remember watching this channel when it only had 500 subscribers

  19. Get more advanced and do 4 copies of a v card the 4 copies of a v star or VMAX

  20. Good video and I love your videos your voice and explanation just don’t know how to describe 😊

  21. Thank you so much this helped a lot!😊

  22. What is your 10 favorite pokémon snap cards

  23. Pokeehmon😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. My son and I really enjoyed this video. It was thorough but also very clear and easy to understand. Now my son says he wants to build a deck and battle you soon! Keep up the good work.

  25. Just a slight correction: you actually can use decks with NO clear typing. I make things called Destruction Decks since I am low on cards. The premise is that I open an elite trainer box or something and I usually get a lot of random cards that work together to some degree. Despite being a seemingly bad concept, I can vouch for its viability.

  26. All i have to say is thank you you got straight to the point just THANK YOU

  27. Does anyone tell me how to purchase cards except theme cards

  28. If you can't use four of the same cards, why can you have 18 of the same energy cards? I am reference the point you made around 1:52 of your video.

  29. You kind of messed up, Sudowoodo is a stage 1 Pokémon because it evolved from Bonsly

  30. Why do you need an evolution line in Pokémon decks? Why can’t you just put really good basic cards only?

  31. Hi, this is a great help, thank you. Just one question. If you use just one energy type aren't you at risk of coming up against a deck with the type that you have weakness to?

  32. You can't have more than 4 of the same card next thing said you want 18 of the same card 🤔

  33. Very well explained!! 😱 I had no idea of how to build a deck from scratch, until now 😎 thanks a lot dude 👍🏼

  34. Imma be honest I only know how to build a good deck in this game because of Magic the gathering I'm decent at that game but with pokemon because I know of card advantage I have a tendency to just draw my whole deck while having the biggest creature… pokemon and just having my whole deck in hand ready for anything although that doesn't mean I'm nessicarily good just that I play fast since everything is so much simpler my only problem which I think I'm figuring out is Mana… Energy bc I tend to run out really fast but I've somewhat figured it out (I just really hate trying to search cards bc there's no website that isn't clunky that's easy like tcgdeck or whatever that websites called is real clunky and the official website only gives you 6 at a time and gives you every printing making it so difficult to actually find cards also the inability to search gimmicks like fusion strike or team plasma cards or exclude search terms)

  35. I played when i was younger with my brother when the game came out and finally got back into playing. This video was soo helpful and a great starting point! Thank you for these videos

  36. Why do you use Professor's Research instead of using something like Cynthia which doesn't discard any of your cards?

  37. I should have mentioned that you can use any type of Trainer cards you don't have to specifically use the ones I showed in the video. Also, experiment with different deck builds by playing with friends and family to see what works and what doesn't. That is the fun in building your own deck. Hope you all enjoyed! 😃

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