How to Count Cards (and Bring Down the House) -

How to Count Cards (and Bring Down the House)

Blackjack Apprenticeship
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Counting cards is simple, but can take time to master. We’ve won millions from casinos through the craft of card counting. In this video, Colin walks you through how to count cards in blackjack in just a few easy steps.

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  1. Very good video 👍
    The problem nowadays is that you can't even take a look at neighbours cards without looking suspicious ( Especially here in Europe).It's usefull to know but you can't use it anymore 😊

  2. very nice video but considering that almost all casinos use shuffling machines, how is that relevant anymore?

  3. If this option doesn’t work, just reach out to me, I will be down to rob a bank😂

  4. So is the point of this to try to be as close to 0 as you can?

  5. So why don't casinos just use a deck shuffler of some kind between every round? Alternatively, why not just have a shoe of like 36 decks?

  6. Does it help if you have a great memory and are strong in math? I am getting interested here.

  7. I completely lost it at round 2 my brain just said nah I ain't investing brain space for this tho I kinda do understand how it works now

  8. "we now teach others how to count cards" is that because no casino will allow you to do it anymore?

  9. U think u got it in control until the dealer keeps pulling out a face card 5 times in a row like wtf 😂😂😂😂

  10. How many deck are casinos using now?

    Doesn't that drastically make it harder to count?

  11. Cool. A channel that learns people how to gamble. I wonder how many victims you made.

  12. You clearly left a lot of rules out of your card counting system before your Example Round. So many unexplained terms. Really bad lesson. Next time, fully explain the rules first. 👎

  13. Mr House will never see it coming when I knock the dealer's head in with a nine-iron

  14. Is so simple that fuck knows what you talking about

  15. I hope 10 of the 4m people who watched this learned how to count accurately

  16. Omg.. what if you failed 4th grade division and multiplication?😬

  17. How many casinos have you been kicked out of

  18. I don't know blackjack. But how can you count the other player's cards if in a real game you never see those?

  19. what would be considered a high to the low count sense we use negative and postive numbers is all numbers in the negatives be considered low and all positive numbers be a high count

  20. You can’t bring down the house. They’ll kick you out before that happens.

  21. what's up with those holes punched in the cards?

  22. Counting cards only gives you a 60 percent win rate, understanding shuffle variations and exploiting them will make you a winner nearly every time.

  23. I’m now -£100,000 from losing hands because I’m trying to figure out if the numbers are high in the last deck. Then I got to the last deck and bust on all my goes

  24. Here in Melbourne Australia the Casino uses a continuous shuffling shoe. So that would render counting null, wouldn't it ???

  25. Will a dealer know if you’re counting the cards?

  26. the insanity of trying to justify gambling in a rigged system is hilarious

  27. So skill at poker is favored, but skill at blackjack is criminalized? What a con. What a con.

  28. To me it is alot more intuitive to say negative cards are the ones below 789 so 2-6 I would say -1 and 10-ace are plus one. So basically my count would be flipped at any given time but I would know that to me, a negative count is good unlike the normal way of counting. Does anyone have any input on this or any roadblocks I would run into doing this? Thanks

  29. This is really confusing and no one wants to buy your course! Royals and 10s all are 10 so think of them all as one card. Cards that count as 10s take up around 35 percent of deck. So Count amount of cards played and count the amount of 10s played. Bet low as shit till you reach the middle of the deck then raise your bet slowly based off your percentage and raise you bet highest at the end. Also count the cards played before they shuffle so you can predict maybe when they will shuffle next. Get a black n mild with a corona. Thanks

  30. I did this in a casino thry threw me out because someone saw me mumbling numbers 🤣
    Which i shouldn't have shown to anybody

  31. I got a cousin that do this he go to casinos every other day and play table games a leave casino with 3-4k

  32. Ace is 1, low card and it's 11 high card. Why choose it to be -1?

  33. The count is really simple what is hard is counting while maintaining basic strategy talking and hiding the fact that you were counting I have learned this the hard way where I can watch a table and tell you to count but if I'm playing I'm incapable of doing it

  34. I know this is hard and would take months of practice to get good enough at it to get the edge in a casino but its muuuuuuch easier than I thought. I thought it required you to remember every card so you could predict the odds of cards being dealt and bet based on that data. It is kinda that in terms of the betting but far simpler in terms of the counting part of it.

  35. Hi Colin. My question is this. On blackjack party on all the gambling sites. It plays around 9 to 10 rounds of 7 to 8 players. Around 4 decks I think. Thanks Colin 😊 appreciate any feedback

  36. This video does nothing to show how to count cards. Where's the guy or woman using card counting in action. How to play your hands according to true count. How to raise your bets when you have an advantage. Everyone just talks but there's no good video for the card counters.

  37. Why does this help the player if the dealer is getting delt from the same deck

  38. The hard part of counting cards is tricking the casinos into thinking you’re getting lucky and not counting cards. So you have to be willing to lose some bucks

  39. Hello, I want to ask. How many decks of cards are used in the game of blackjack

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