How to Count Cards (and Bring Down the House) -

How to Count Cards (and Bring Down the House)

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Counting cards is simple, but can take time to master. We’ve won millions from casinos through the craft of card counting. In this video, Colin walks you through how to count cards in blackjack in just a few easy steps.

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  1. I like poker cause I can catch a sleepy Joe Biden loving clown slippin and put his azz all in.

  2. The main difficulty isn't in the counting itself, its in counting numbers while playing a number game perfectly while engaging in small talk for extended periods of time. Also, the consequence of being off on the count are serious losses due to poor betting strategy.

  3. I watched 2.33 minutes think I grasp it, going to casino tomorrow cannot wait

  4. This is the best explanation of card counting I have ever seen

  5. Can you start this system successfully in the middle of the dealer's deck, or only when they shuffle and start a new deck?

  6. Don't casinos hide the decksize under the table slightly but with an open slot for them to grab individual cards? So it would be impossible to know if the counts good for how many cards are left….

  7. I noticed at the casino the dealer never lets the whole shoe run out they always add it back to the shuffler after a few hands, can you still count cards doing this

  8. Doesn't it seem like to get kicked out pretty damn quick when you bet really low at the beginning and then as the decrease you start going all-in I feel like that would be noticed by the 1 billion cameras staring at your table how do you avoid looking like you're counting cards

  9. So anybody looking for a new man on their ocean's team??? I'm available🤫🧐

  10. So the house can identify a card counter as the counter prefers to enter the game when the shoe is full?

  11. Ok now I need to learn how to play blackjack

  12. As soon as pit boss and the eye in the sky see what ur doing, you'll be backed off

  13. All the casinos in my area which are the four winds casinos ! As soon as you start doing good and the shoe is hot they will switch dealers , throw in plants and even shut the dam table down!

  14. If everybody becomes a card counter will the casino remove blackjack???

  15. I know you’re watching video after watching the movie 21 lol

  16. What happens when the casino doesn’t keep the cards in the shoe? For example, it’s a 6 deck game and only one deck or a portion of a deck at a time is in the shoe. Is it still possible?

  17. Base on your basic strategy, I thought you don’t split 2’s against dealer 9

  18. First, thank you, Colin and David, for this incredible information on how to count cards. I'm still confused. Can you or anyone out there help me? The first card was a king, which is high card value -1. The second card is a 5, which is low card value +1. How is it 0? That's where I was lost. Please, anyone explain it to me. Thank you again, Colin and David, for taking the time to show people how to count cards. Have a blessed day

  19. I just played my first casino game… lost the count half way through the shoe… It was a true 2 when I lost count… played 2 hands all in…. Got lucky and hit 2 blackjacks and walked away. It was very distracting not counting from the comfort of my kitchen table

  20. If the running count is one, and five decks remain, what is the true count? 1/5? Zero?
    Running count two, and three decks remain? True count 2/3? One? Zero?

  21. i rather do that online it is the best way of not getting caught.

  22. I'm trying to learn how to play blackjack did you know so that way I can learn so I'm a new beginner and I'm learning I'm picking up on it and I'm learning in my brain that I got to count count the numbers that they put down there but I don't understand what push mean and I don't understand how much number is the A's 🌈🌺💐🙏🏿🍭

  23. Why doesn't the dealer just reshuffle after every round? Wouldn't that make counting more difficult? Seems a missed opportunity to lessen card counting.

  24. Taxes for idiots. House always wins, one way or another. One day you can win and after you come back and spend more and more just to come back to zero. Stop gambling

  25. How can we be sure the casinos are just tossing high cards out of their decks and putting in more low cards?

  26. Maybe I’m not the sharpest knife in the cabinet, but I feel like they went too fast on how to count them

  27. Ok I understand it now it’s basically a way to know or the higher cards have a higher chance to come in to play and so you bet more at it and have a higher chance to win i think now you need to spend a lot of time to Get this so down to not have to think about it

  28. Excellent tutorial im now ready to go to the casino lol

  29. Bro thanks I counted 52 cards in my deck. Im going to buy another deck tomorrow and count to 104!!

  30. I'm an expert now. I counted 52 cards. No joke. er

  31. what if they use an 8 deck but they have a cutting card in between and after that they use a new one ? Do i go by running count divided by 8 minus whatevers left , or divided by 4 minus whats left ?

  32. 🙏🏻So I’ve learned how to count cards thanks to you guys! Turns out my luck is just shit… and I had to sell my house to come out even.


    I got my card counting software from #TONYTECHZ he’s programmed works perfectly and I earn more money on blackjack now


    I got my card counting software from #TONYTECHZ he’s programmed works perfectly and I earn more money on blackjack now

  35. Question. I always take one for the team and pull the 10 value knowing I’m going to bust because I assume that it what I should be doing if the dealer has a 7 or above. So should I not take anyone else’s hand into account and just play my own game ?

  36. I always thought counting cards was either illegal or if the casinos caught you doing it they can ban you for life, refuse you to cash out your chips or both. Because every time I've heard of someone getting caught counting cards that is what has happened to them. And casinos know to look for card counters. Never once have I heard of a card counter that's been caught being able to cash his chips or is welcome in that casino again. So how have you gotten away with it?

  37. Brazilian green and yellow eye Alexander says:

    Looks really confusing to me
    Especially if you never played the game before

  38. Hey great video guys I have a question though, couldn't you make 10 through ace +1 and 2 through 6 -1, isn't that easier for the brain? And then a lower running count would be better Instead of higher?

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