How to Create a 2D Card Game in Unity - Part 6 (Adding Game Logic Continued) -

How to Create a 2D Card Game in Unity – Part 6 (Adding Game Logic Continued)

M. S. Farzan
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Continue the adventure from Part 5 of How to Create a 2D Card Game in Unity, updating our multiplayer game logic and user interface!

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  1. hi the tutorial is great but it will be very helpful if you can make short versions of how you did for multiplayer card tutorial (16 part series) separately for gamelogic alone. thankyou.

  2. You would be willing to make a mobile card game for fan. I am a UI / UX designer

  3. Hello!. Thanks to your lessons I`ve made a huge progress. Thanks again. I`m wondering if You would be able to set a new tutorial about making a Game Menu with some sort of multiplayer options, not much as lobby but simple menu to choose name and deck and then to pass the data to new scene with game. I`m really stuck with this idea.

  4. Sorry to ask this, but can I make a mobile game out of this?? It's really a nice tutorial by the way…

  5. Hello! These tutortrials are awesome! I was wondring if you could create a tutorial on how to create a game like hearthstone. Thanks!

  6. Hi. These tutorials are awesome. I have made a different card game using the logic provided by you. However, I will be very grateful if you can resolve my issues:
    1. If I run an instance with server only, the clients do not respond properly. The function on the buttons which calls the PlayerManager does not call the function on the Player Manager.
    public void OnClick()
    GameManager = GameObject.Find("GameManager").GetComponent<GameManager>();
    NetworkIdentity networkIdentity = NetworkClient.connection.identity;
    PlayerManager = networkIdentity.GetComponent<PlayerManager>();
    if (GameManager.GameState == "Waiting for both Players")
    ReadyToggle = true;
    else if (GameManager.GameState=="Waiting for one Player" & !ReadyToggle)
    ReadyToggle = false;
    else if (GameManager.GameState=="Ready")

    2. If I run the server as server and client, I am able to connect 2 clients and play on the clients but the enemyarea's grid starts acting funny. I can see the cards but the spacing is distorted.
    3. I am unable to figure out a way to make this a 3 or 4 player game as I cannot identify different enemy areas.

  7. hi i really like your video. can you do a card game like hearthstone? like the gameplay and effect of poison burn, return to hand and so on, there are so less card game tutorial in youtube, and also some of teachers are bad. but you are great

  8. These games are made for playing online? What i need if i want to create an online game card ?

  9. Hi I just subscribed, by any chance do you have a tutorial to play this on different computers over the internet. Thanks.

  10. Could you please explain more about what does "NetworkClient.connection.identity" do? At 22:00, is it correct to say that depending on which client I am playing as (either host or standalone client), the value of PlayerManager will be different? And that value is the Player prefab that is spawned by NetworkManager and represents me?

  11. Hi, could you do a deck builder tutorial? Thanks.

  12. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but is there a way to clean this up, so the text is readable etc? I know that you built this all from scratch, but I feel like there has to be a better way to show cards. Perhaps you could have a code that lifts the card up, and makes it bigger before you place it, or something like that. I just wanted to take a look at where I'd get if I do the like 10 hours worth of trying to follow along and fix errors, but honestly this doesn't really seem even at a demo-level as far as playability (again, you can't even read the text)

  13. An amazing tutorial series I have found very helpful in learning two-player games in Unity. When I followed along changing to adapt to my own game that I wanted to make I noticed that the same player could press the initialize button twice and would get dealt twice and the game would move to the next phase. Is there a way that you can stop this from happening in the case that a player accidentally clicks the button twice?

  14. Hey , i really liked your video , i want to make this game better by adding the other cards and make it a playable game so i wanted to ask where can i find the other cards images ?

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