How To Hack Your Sony PSP To Play Downloaded Games From SD Cards ( Tutorial ) 6.61 Firmware -

How To Hack Your Sony PSP To Play Downloaded Games From SD Cards ( Tutorial ) 6.61 Firmware

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In this tutorial, I show you how to hack your Sony PSP to enable you to play downloaded games from an SD card. ( Play Station Portable )

Official 6.61 Firmare:
6.61 PRO-C Firmware:
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  1. I already had this modded, the games/folders settings was very helpful though, Thanks!

  2. Hi. Kinda scared of it to be honest. If I do it, will it read UMD too, or just the downloaded games?

  3. Guys i think i can't do this because i don't know how to download it and where to download the games and also i have the 6.61 version

  4. Can someone explain why mine won’t connect to the pc

  5. can anyone tell me where i can download games from🥲

  6. PLS HELP! I mangee to do these steps perfectly however when I open downloaded ISO games they are unresponsive especially during the menu phase. Its like you re pressing many buttons all at once!. what could the issue be pls?!

  7. the psp screen goes dark after I click on the pro update
    Anyone have a solution?

  8. Össze vissza magyarázol és mutatsz mindent. Nem lehet érteni, hogy mit csinálnsz

  9. How can i find this same tutorial but for the fat one (1004)?

  10. Where do you go to download the ISO files for games

  11. Getting " this game cannot be played, corrupted…" Emulators and iso files. Any idea? really stuck

  12. Great video, I bought a formatted psp go from someone and he lost the hundreds of games he used to add for us. My sister and I were always wondering how to add them 😅

  13. Just pressed the same x for the 1st time, while the x for 2nd one takes a while so i pressed it again then boom suddenly turn off and if I open it it will only a black screen and suddenly turn off again. I dont know how to fix this

  14. I did it and it came out as corrupted file…

  15. How do I extract the file? when i right click it doesn’t give me the option to extract the 660Pro. I tried to compress it to a zip file but and it didnt have a game folder or the other one

  16. It doesnt say pro C on mine its just 6.61

  17. Hi there. Thanks so much for this great tutorial! May I ask if you’re able to play using save games you’ve already made (using your UMD-based game back in the day)?

  18. I can only get PSP games to work. No other iso games from NES to PS1 work for me. Fortunately I got a Playstation Classic with those games so I'm all good! Thank You!!! Cause my PSP was collecting dust

  19. Hey is there a way you could show how to put custom themses

  20. Hi can I ask something? I just found my psp again after some years but the “fast recovery” doesn’t work. I have the 660 PRO-B version.

  21. yo man what web u use to dnwld games?

  22. 5:15 my psp turns off while the update and shows no sign of turning back on from that point. if anyone knows why this happening. pls help

  23. Sorry but the Update Is not working. The PSP start run the Update but then shut down itself. When Turn IT on, it Just normaly run And thé update was not done.

  24. Aye mine is 1001 meaning they was right next to each other!!😂

  25. My PSP when clicking on the Update just freezes, any idea?

  26. Hello, where can i download the games?? Thanks a lot 🙏

  27. Mine doesn't have 6.60 and the update says it doesn't work with my 1000. I'll figure it out but I didn't know what you were talking about there.

  28. where can I find the EBOOT,PBP file I downloaded the 6.61 PRO-C Firmware

  29. No puedes hacer un buen video que sea en español

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