How to play 29 CARD GAME (in Hindi) | Interesting CARD GAME for 4 Players | 28 Card Game Tutorial -

How to play 29 CARD GAME (in Hindi) | Interesting CARD GAME for 4 Players | 28 Card Game Tutorial

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We will learn how to play 29 card game with all RULES, TIPS and TRICKS. Very interesting and one of the best card game for 4 players. Very famous in Bengal and Bihar. This is also called 28 card game.
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Now, let’s learn how to play 29 card game

★ Setup ★
Is game ko khelne ke lea chahiye apko 32 cards out of standard 52 cards deck.
Apko 2-6 har color ka alag hata dena he and bache hue 32 cards ke sath hum game khelege.
Is game ko ap series of multiple games ke form me khelte he and Har ek game hota he 28 points ka.

Ab dekh lete he kin patto ke points hote he –

Jacks = 3 points each
Nines = 2 points each
Aces = 1 point each
Tens = 1 point each
Other cards = (K, Q, 8, 7) no points

Aise kul ho gaye 28 points and jo bhi team last hand banati he use milta he 1 extra point.
So the total points which can be earned in each game is equal to 29 which is also the name of the game.

★ Objective ★
Game ka objective he valuable cards ko lete hue jyada se jyada sir banana.

★ Deal and Bidding ★
Koi bhi ek player dealer ban sakta he and wo har player ko 4-4 patte batega.

In char cards ke basis par, players bid karege, jo player maximum bid karega wo trump decide karega. Bidding start hoti he 15 points se. And ap maximum 28 points tak bid kr sakte he.

Basically jo bhi player highest bid karta he, uski team ko us game me minimum utne points banane hi hote he. Agar nahi banaye to bidding krne vali team game har jati he and opposite team game jit jati he.

Agar apke hath me acche patte nahi aye he to ap pass bol sakte he. Jab tak 3 players pass nai bol dete bidding continue hoti he.

Highest bidder apne patto ke hisab se trump choose karta he aur use bache hue patto me niche chupa deta he. Ab trump suite tabhi reveal hoga jab koi bhi player chala hua color nahi follow kar payega.

Trump chupane ke bad dealer bache hue 4 patte sabhi ko bant dega.

★ Gameplay ★
Dealer ke right vala player game shuru karega. Apki koshish yahi rehni chahiye ki ap jyada se jyada hands bnaye and koshish kare ki points vale cards hands me ajaye.

Jis bhi player ka highest card hoga wo hand jitega.

For more details watch the video till end.


  1. What the mean of highest rank and lowest rank?

  2. When we were little we kept scores with no. 6 pairs .it use to be fun. You win you show 1 red if you loose you show black. I t was an amazing way to track the score

  3. Please, make a video on Description of Royal Pair.

  4. you played wrong.. if one of seen the trump card he/she definitely play trump card if he/she have

    another A is the highest then 10

  5. Make a video on how to play 3 of spades pls……

  6. A question… Jisne trump card chupaya hai vo trump ki chaal chal sakta hai kya, even before the trump is revealed?? Or after that??

  7. Bewakoof 1st trick me player 1 ko 9 chalna chahiye tha

  8. This is wrong gameplay the ranking is according to points thus J is highest and then 9

  9. Thank you, great job with the explanation🤗 Please also explain about the royal pair

  10. You don’t know how to play properly. I’m not agree to you for all you’re tips and tricks . You’ve to learn more about 29 playing game. Thank you.

  11. 29 card game ki das video dekhe bhi mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya tha leken ab main samajh Gaya .thank u

  12. Hamlog 6 saal se khel rahe hai daaru se bhi jyada bhayanak nasa hai 29 ka

  13. 1st round me aapne wrong explain kiya hai. Trump karne se trump ka color ka card chalna must hai..wahan pe aap chidi nhi fasa sakte.
    Trump nhi karta to chidi fasa sakta tha.
    And lastly kisi ko aisa ikke se start nhi karna chahiye, jab "J" tha use paas

  14. Vaibhav TOUR, panting, writing, creator। says:

    plz make a video on royal pair

  15. Na
    Abhi aapko bahut kuch seekhana h
    Jaise trump reveal karne par aap pass nhi de sakte aapko trump card chalna padega
    Agar nhi h tab aap koi bhi card chal sakte ho

  16. paris shikhna hai.brige jo asian games main hai…

  17. Kya noob jaisi khel rhi ho, A se kaun start karta hai 🤣

  18. Bord hota 6 ka aur Sabse bara hota hai Jack second 9 3rd ace 4th 10 uske badh K, Q, 8, 7 galat kiu Shikha Rahi ho .

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