How to Play Animator vs. Animation - The Card Game -

How to Play Animator vs. Animation – The Card Game

Alan Becker
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  1. Ничего не понятно но очень интерестно

  2. He disconnected and bruh from ur character. and get antivirus at red and green

  3. I would love to buy, but in our country even $ 50 A lot of money 🙁

  4. If i had money, i will definetly buy this

  5. thanks for the tutorial im so happy buy the card game

  6. Imagine using Victim and destroying The Chosen One.

  7. lo malo esque me gusta sus animation pero su juego de cartas ba se en ingles

  8. bruh we have all four harry potter houses. red Gryffindor, blue Ravenclaw, yellow Hufflepuff, and green Slytherin but where is the main character orange

  9. What if you guys make a animator vs animation game on mobile

  10. You make than animations you use cards🤨

  11. can you put more in stock I really wana play this game

  12. Sir, I am not able to chat in your discord!

  13. hi alan blaker you put it in brazil because i'm from brazil and you can put it?

  14. Wow thx for the idea I made this game with more powers credits to Alan Becker☺

  15. жаль что у нас в российской федерации не продаётся (((

  16. The cargo animator vs animation card game ok

  17. The dark lard ? The chosen one ? Red ? Yellow? Blue? Green? The second coming

  18. Que tau uma menina nesse desenho e o nome dela vai ser rosa pode ser

  19. me encanta tus videos eres buenisimo animando alan becker a y mi faborito de los stickman es verde

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