How To Play Baccarat -

How To Play Baccarat

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  1. If at any time the player or Banker has eight or nine it's called a natural? No, if the first two cards total eight or nine that's a natural. Got to be more careful with your wording.

  2. Kind of a weird game. A bit like Blackjack, just with different winning numbers, but zero player control over drawing cards.

  3. Bên này chơi tui cũng chơi rồi. Nhưng nói chung mỗi người mỗi sở thích. Tui mê bên Asia99 hơn anh em ạ.

  4. how to play that is a rule but most people want to know how to win?

  5. 3:31 does that initial tie pay the side bet? Or does it need to be a 3-card draw to pay out?

  6. How does the banker have a higher chance to win if both sides are equal?

  7. Why would anyone play this when you can play craps or blackjack???

  8. Wait a sec..first hand was pair of 3 Banker? this is the CASINO!!

  9. I always wanted to know how to play this game. Know I know to save my money.

  10. So essentially there is absolutely NO skill whatsoever in this game.

  11. Ramai Orang Kelantan Tak boleh Handle Baccarat Kelantan. Kesian aku jugak kena tolong.

  12. Where is the panda and dragon?? Baccarat is played different at every casino!

  13. didn’t explain the hit on 5. i don’t understand that part. sometimes it hit sometimes not. useless video

  14. I'm gonna have to watch this again when I'm sober

  15. If you've drawn your cards, can you look at them before playing them like in Poker?

  16. Should have actually showed what card for being doubt and not just told what number they equal to

  17. the text is covering the most important part of this video

  18. So, basically, you put money on the table and wait for the dealer to tell you you lost.

  19. a crappier version of blackjack basically. why would anyone play this? lol

  20. It's a dealers POV explanation to just introduce the game to learning dealers

  21. The subtitle is over the games how I'm I supposed to see?

  22. So Baccarat is just a castrated Blackjack? Huh…

  23. Sure thing I will play this drunk at a casino the next time, it's easy as shit

  24. So were the cards dealt Player, Banker, Player, Banker? OR Player, Player, Banker, Banker?

  25. How does it work with multiple players?

  26. So when is the pint when we’re allowed to do magic

  27. on the second hand, both player and banker had 0. why no tie payout?? bullshitgame

  28. Seems pretty easy. Problem is the cruise i was on there were 2 tables and the min bet was $300 hand.

  29. So the tie isn’t paid if both are initially 0?

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