How To Play Baccarat -

How To Play Baccarat

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  1. It was short but the information I need was explained. Thank you!

  2. So it's essentially like blackjack but the difference is you can bet on how the cards are drawn? Is that right?

  3. This is why I don’t gamble or play cards. I’d forget all the rules after 5 minutes and lose all my money.

  4. I’m high and have no idea why I’m watching this. All I’ll remember is 9

  5. "How to play Baccarat" – 'The dealer decides on a predetermined set of rules'… okay so what are the rules? 'Ask a supervisor.'

  6. Easiest way to make money trust me way better than black Jack

  7. man i just came here after watching th poker game in casino royale confused

  8. The version I recently played simply had Tie, Banker, and Player.

  9. I don’t enjoy gambling so maybe I’m missing the point but it seems like no real skill is involved to play this game. Similar to roulette where you are just trying to guess a random outcome.

  10. Best Bacarrot for beginners video I came across 👍

  11. I was wondering what all those Asian people were doing in the crowded room at the casino

  12. Watching this video because I saw a guy help Lil Baby win $250k

  13. Why does he draw weird?
    Isn't it supposed to be Player Bank Player Bank and not Player Player Bank Bank? 🤔

  14. Thank you very much, my main man, Brian. Thanks to your wisdom and helpful teaching, I will defeat a cyber lady in casino based combat inside a Sega Saturn. See you in the battlefield, soldier. Happy Hannukah.

  15. 😂😂😂😂 you just accepted fake cash! You got hustled!!!!

  16. Anyone ever picked up a mean case of Slurphees before?

    That's when you get herpes from slurping; on a person, whom is in possession of your genitalia of choice…

    Typically, these lovely little gnar-gnars will reveal themselves on either side the slurper's mouth. The slurper will also announce them as a 'cold sore' in attempt at deflection.

    But WE know, girl… We know!

  17. Who’s here because of the Mikki interview. Took me 5min to even type out the damn word; (I wasn’t even close)

  18. I'm just here because I'm reading Casion Royale

  19. I wish smaller casinos had baccarat, I love this game.

  20. Watching him count the money and deal the chips is so satisfying

  21. А теперь по русскому пожалуйста)

  22. Bad camera angle. Can't see the cards. Also too fast. You said you were trying to 'teach' someone how to play. How about slowly….

  23. So it's basically a slot machine, operated by a human.
    or a very complicated coin flip.

  24. Thanks a lot, sir. Perfect sound and really clear explanation

    Cheers From Canada

  25. You said the banker has a higher chance of winning, but gave no explanation as to why. As far as the rules were explained, both sides have an equal chance of reaching 9 because the cards are drawn at random from the deck.

  26. same with blackjack. getting close to 21 without going over

  27. how does the banker have an edge to win if all the cards are random everytime?

  28. Does the Player pair of 4s not pay out in this example?

  29. This is the worst casino game ever don't play it. Go play it if you like the cycle of losing and winning each game. Go play Blackjack. Trust me. You'll thank me later.

  30. Play with discount profile seen 🥰

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