How to play Battleship Card Game -

How to play Battleship Card Game

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Learn the rules to the card game Battleship quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of this 2 player card game is to sink all 5 of your opponent’s ships. Separate the cards in two colored decks and give 1 deck to each player. Each player separates out their reference card, 12 coordinate cards, and 26 battle cards, then shuffles their coordinate cards and lays them face-down in a 3×4 grid in front of them. Shuffle your own battle cards and deal 5 of them to yourself then place them in a face-down deck in front of you. Pick a player to go first, then turns alternate.

On your turn you must play 1 card from your hand. There are 2 types of cards you can play: Peg cards, and power cards. White pegs allow you to search for your opponent’s face down ships, tap one, and they flip it over. Then you discard the white peg card to your discard pile. Red pegs allow you to damage ships. Ships have a number on them that indicates how many hits they need in order to be sunk. Place the red peg card under the affected ship and that ship receives the number on the red pegs as hits. You can put multiple red pegs under a single ship. As soon as a ship has hits equal to or greater than the ship’s number, then that ship is sunk. Remove the sunk ship from the game and place all red peg cards under it in the discard pile.

You are allowed to play a red peg card on a face down card, however, if you do and the flipped card is a miss, then discard that card. If it is a ship, then the red pegs are immediate hits.

Shield Power cards play on top of your ships and the shield must be destroyed before the ship can take more damage. When a shield is destroyed, discard it. Other types of power cards allow you to pick between two options on the card. This symbol means you can discard as many white peg cards from your hand as you want. This symbol means you can more cards in the same turn as indicated by the number. The repair symbol means you can remove any 1 peg card from a ship. You may not repair shields. This symbol means to draw cards from the top of your deck as indicated by the number. If you have 2 symbols next to each other you get to perform both actions, but you may not perform actions that are separated by the “OR”.

After you play a card you end your turn by drawing back up to 5 cards. Then your opponent goes.

Each ship has a special power that you can use once that ship is revealed. The submarine can only be damaged by white peg cards instead of red ones. The PT BOAT allows you to remove 1 peg card from any of your damaged ships at the start of each of your turns. The destroyer allows your white pegs to damage ships. The battleship adds 1 red peg to each of your red peg cards in play. So a 2 peg card would now count as a 3 peg card. The aircraft carrier allows you to draw to 7 cards at the end of your turn instead of 5.

The first player to sink all 5 of their opponent’s ships, wins!


  1. Alternatively, place the ships where you want, because otherwise there's almost no strategy

  2. Thank you, i was struggling with learning this game

  3. 2:09 why would you need to discard them if you can use them instead?

  4. wow this game actually looks like it would be pretty fun, a faster method of playing original battle ship. going to look into getting a copy.

  5. "This video is sponsored by world of warships"

  6. I have one more Q , i came across this scenario, there was a 4x red peg under my opponent’s aircraft carrier and it had a shield on it, then my destroyer ( which has power that increase value of red hits by 1) was flipped up for me. Now does his carrier gets destroyed by ship effect ( as my 4 hit peg is now 5) or does it not because of shield , as the shield says that no further damage can be done to ship until the shield is removed ? This one is the hardest scenario i came across

  7. Only one clarification to mr video maker. The one power that allows you to discard white pegs. Does not allow you to discard more than two. It is between 1 and 2. You discarded 3. But overall great video.

  8. Few doubts? 1) Does the action card always remain face up and never goes to discard pile … except for shields ?? 2) Can we play 2 shields on one ship? 3) does The action card that let us play 2 cards , allow us to play 2 cards after we have used that action card or is that action card is considered as one play and it allows one more to be played this turn ?

  9. Thanks for concisely explaining the rules of this card game variant that it's based on the two player military strategy based board game that I'm sent to you Jim. 🃏

  10. Wow thank you so much on making this explaining video. Tried to read the paper instructions and failed dismally. This makes it soooo much easier:)

  11. 0:36 Alternatively, the youngest player goes first, then turns alternate.

  12. Oh I can tell this will take up a lot of table space, lol

  13. To anyone who says first: You admitted to being the youngest player, now turns alternate

  14. Thanks to this channel, I am able to learn and discover new game.

  15. Wow, this is a fun take on the concept. Will definitely buy it when I see it.

  16. idk but this feels like not battleships and battleships at the same time (watched a 6 second ad 😎)

  17. Hey triple S, I have a request for a game I would like you to review. It’s called throw throw avocado

  18. Congrats…Another classic game RUINED …

  19. Why is this sound lowkey more fun then actual battleship

  20. This almost seem better than the original, they removed a lot of the guessing part, however there is less strategy involved in placing ships now.

  21. As a huge fan of yu gi oh trading card game, I find this very interesting

  22. Another name for this game is "Battleship: Hidden Threat"

  23. Great job by quickly explaining the rules of this card game variant that it's based on this classic two player strategy game Jim. 🃏

  24. Sheesh, it seems way more boring than the whole board game. But I guess people can enjoy it.

  25. It seems very fun, but why would you ever search out the enemy players other ships when that will just buff them? Once you've found one theres no reason not to focus fire it even through shields and repairs or you'll give them like 7 cards a turn, lethal white pegs, self repairs on other ships, etc.

  26. I was wondering what was the point of white pegs at first.

  27. I actually played regular battleship this way! Or something similar. We would designate which ship is firing and that would give special abilities to the shot. Battleships did 2 damage for every volley, only destroyers could sink subs, but subs couldn't attack carriers. It was so much more interesting than regular Battleship!

  28. After seeing this video I understood this is an amazing strategy game rather than the battleship game. Ordered one from the store 👌

  29. The instructions of the card game are confusing but this video had helped

  30. Does the ship reveal count when it’s a direct hit? Or does it have to be when opponent use white pig

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