How to play Bluff (Cheat) card Game in Hindi for four player | I doubt it | 420 card game in hindi -

How to play Bluff (Cheat) card Game in Hindi for four player | I doubt it | 420 card game in hindi

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The Games unboxing presents Card Game “How to play Bluff card game rules for four player” in Hindi. this game also known as I doubt it . we can play with family members at your home and know about bluff (cheat) card game rules in hindi. This card game also known as cheat.
420 card game in hindi


  1. One problem !?!? When a player put the 4 same cards ( I mean King of spades, diamond etc) then an another player challenge all the cards repeatedly and the match has become so bored.

  2. Agar agla banda har bar bluff check kar la tu?

  3. there are total 52 cards (13x 4) after removing 2 jokers so how to distribute 52 cards in 3 person when playing bluff?

  4. Pls tash kese khelte hai uska dusra part dalo

  5. Plss tash kese khelte hai uska dusra part dalo

    Pls reply

  6. Tash kese khelte hai uska dusra part dalo

  7. Tash kese khelte hai uska dusra part dalo

  8. Tash kese khelte hai uska dusra part dalo

  9. Sir please make a video on how to play dos (uno cards sequel)

  10. Plz make a give away I really say your explanation are nice

  11. Give away kijiga haldi monopoly deal card game me

  12. Sir pls make a video on dos card game pls sir

  13. Jab bluff pakra jata hy to sab ko show karwana hota hy? Ya jis ny check kia sirf wo dekhy ga?

  14. Ek glti hai isme, jb sbhi log pass krte hain aur ek round complete hota tb agli chaal jisne uss round ki shuruat ki hai uski aati hai na ki us round me jisne last patte daale uski.

  15. Should all da players put the same character as the first player or any character?
    E. G if 1st player puts 2 K's(it may be true or false) should the remaining players put 'K'(if any)?
    I'm confused

  16. How to play with 5 or 6 players??
    Make a video on it …

  17. One confusion – If the game goes between two players in the end. Then what will those players do ?
    Pass or challenge….. only one or two things possible?

  18. If 5 people play the game… can one player put 5 cards together in the centre ?

  19. Ohh aacha hum Aise khelte hai jo aapne first me bataya tha na To ek ke upar cards daalte hii rehete hai Or jise check karna hota hai To vo check karleta hai or saare ke saare cards uske hoo jate hai or Ek doubt hai Mujhe Agar hum cards khelte hai Jaise abhi Jo aapne bataya ki tikki daal diya or doosre player ko shak nahi hua to fir sabne daaldiye agar aise hii Game thoda fast hogaya to Agar kisi bhi player ne poore poore cards daaldiye or kisine check tak nahi kiya To kya vo fair hai or not fair hai Game ke hisaab se pls batadijiye

  20. Its a flop game. The main drawback is that last remaining 2 players would call check at every move because he would know that the other player would bluff atleast one time

  21. 3 log bhi isse same method se yeh game khel sakte hai kya?

  22. pls make a playlist for beginners who are new to card games, us playlist mai videos sequence mai arrange kar dena from easy to hard.

  23. bhaiya maine apke 'playlist for 3 players' check kare but ussme 2 player and 4 player ke bhi bahut saare videos mixed hai, pls make a separate playlist for 3 player card games and pls arrange in sequence from easy to hard games. Thank u 👍👍💖

  24. bhaiay apne is video mai bahut acche se samjahaya, being a beginner i was able to understand, pls baki games for 3 players par bhi isse tarah videos bana do. apke 3-2-5 and 3-5-8 wale videos thode difficult to understand hai for a beginner. 🙏💖

  25. @06:01 is round ko start P3 ne kiya tha and apne thode der pehle bataya tha ki jo round start karta hai agar round finish uspar ho and woh pass kar de toh saare paatte hat jaate hai, so yaha jab P3 ne pass kar diya toh hum P2 ke pass kyu gaye?

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