How to play Bluff (Cheat) card Game in Hindi for two player | 420 card game in hindi -

How to play Bluff (Cheat) card Game in Hindi for two player | 420 card game in hindi

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The Games unboxing presents Card Game “How to play Bluff card game rules for two player” in Hindi. we can play with family members at your home and know about bluff (cheat) card game rules in hindi. This card game also known as cheat. #StayHome and play indoor game #WithMe.#StayHome and play card game #WithMe
420 card game in hindi


  1. Last chance me agar saamne wala bhi Wahi pata chalte to

  2. भाई यदि कोई Bluff कर रहा है, और हमने Show बोल दिया तो भी उसे पत्ते दिखाने पड़ते हैं क्या, ऐसे तो उसके पत्ते हम देख लेंगे ?? ऐसा नहीं कर सकते कि जब झूठ बोल रहा है कोई और शो बोलने पर बिना दिखाये पत्ते वापस उठा ले ??

  3. What are the minimum number of cards that we can throw at a time?

  4. Explained well… let us know rummy series also

  5. Bohot shi explanation bhai..👍

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  8. Agar 3 player khel rahe
    To kitne baar show bol sakte hai 1 player ko
    Agar hm baar baar show bol k samne wale ko jeeta de to ye cheating ho jayega na

  9. O bhai ek hi patta check hota hai sare nai

  10. How many cards can we throw at maximum. Is it four cards?

  11. Virre 5 patti game ki video bnao

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