How to Play BS (card game) -

How to Play BS (card game)

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Being able to detect a Bullshit is very important life skill and in the card game BS. you will hone that skill. This is a card game all about bluffing! All you need is a 52 card deck and up to 10 players. Learn the rules and see what deception you can get away with, and try catch others in the act.

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Musical soundtrack created by Kubbi . Good stuff Kubbi, I love the track.

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  1. Omgg I remember playing this at camp and counselors would call it baloney 😭😭😭 lol here during quarantine to play with my family! Hope you are all staying safe

  2. You need much more recognition than this man. I'm telling everyone I know to subscribe. Keep doing what you do ❤

  3. I don't get it, Idk why but I can't understand this game, Like when I tried it just never end….

    I really think I played wrongly but idk which part I got it wrong…

    For example,
    Player 1: I have 4 As (true)
    Player 2: I have 2 2s (lie)
    Player 3 called it, Player 2 got all the cards
    Now Player 2 has 4A too right?
    Then when the Ace turn came the Player 1 and 2 knew he's lying cuz they both have/had 4 As, It just never end idk how to explain

  4. Very flawed game without a pass. All you have to do is keep track of number of cards. Odds of having “next” card down to 7.6% with 4 cards left and more likely under 2% unless multiple cards. A pass would still punish the passer by holding onto cards. Most will still chance a bluff after a pass or two. Should revise the rules. Becomes impossible to win when playing with sober group

  5. I like your voice. It's great. You sound like William Wegman, of Wegman's Weimaraners fame, haha. Thanks for the vids.

  6. But if u only have 1 card left thé other players will Always BS u so u cant end hmmmmmmmmmm

  7. I called it Liar.

    I didn't know it was called bullshit when I was 5.

  8. Tried it loved it you deserve more subs

  9. Me and my fifth grade friends gathering at recess to play and find out who the best liar

  10. In my house, this quickly turned into a knife fight.

  11. You should make a vid on Egyptian massacre (ERS)

  12. Hi I'm just the 100th comment(θ‿θ)

  13. I've always played it so the person with the ace of spades goes first.

  14. This is a fun game but when I played it with my friends one person got 4 of the same card so when any one placed that card he knew it was bs

  15. This game is also known as "Liar", "I Doubt It", "Cheat", "Bluff" etc.

  16. Rules vary person to person (ofc), but we always started by putting down ace of spades face up and moving left or right in a circle from there, and once your turn is over, if no one caught you in a lie, you'd say "peanut butter" to signify that you lied

  17. I used to play this so much as a kid but I forgot how to so I’m here!

  18. Without 🤬swearing, you would name this something like "I doubt it"

  19. What if no one called out for a challenge? (Like we just kept on putting cards on the pile)

  20. First played bullshit with a group of lads a grade older than me on a boat trip from geese to Italy.
    Will never forget that night, had so much damn fun.

  21. Back when I was still in Girl Scouts, we would play this all the time. So many great memories 🙂
    When we played it, after someone successfully bluffed and moved on to the next player, the original person would say “peanut butter” which would tell everyone else they had lied. Does anyone do this when they play BS?

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