How to Play BS (the Card Game!) -

How to Play BS (the Card Game!)

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Learn how to play BS with this guide from wikiHow:

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Playing Cards:

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  1. I have introduced and played this game with two guys were sitting next to me in my flight in 2013.. I remember lots of the passengers were interested in our game 😂 flight attendant came asking us to be quite twice 😅

  2. I remember playing this in class and my friend yelled top of their lungs "BULLSHIT" instead of "BS" and we got in so much trouble

  3. You lose: "THIS GAME IS BULLSHIT"
    Them: "You ain't wrong bro"

  4. this reminds me of peoples bull shit in life

  5. "how to play BS"

    I already know how to do that

  6. Can you play with a deck to the side?like you have to draw if you don't have the card you need and don't want to lie?

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