How to play Buraco card game | Learn to play buraco plus -

How to play Buraco card game | Learn to play buraco plus

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How to play buraco card game | Learn to play buraco plus | card games for 4 players

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Buraco is a card game for 2 players or 4 players in pairs. The aim is to create combinations formed either by straights or, depending on the mode, sets of 3 or more cards of the same number and end up with more points than your opponents.

All the rules of Buraco , explained in detail burraco card game 4 players !
card games for 4 players
how to play Buraco in 2 | how to play Buraco in 3
how to play Buraco with two players | FIRST LESSON of Italian Buraco

Buraco tutorial
Buraco Rules / What are the rules of the Buraco game?

The Buraco game normally involves 4 players in a fixed couple: North and South play against East and West. There are less interesting versions for 2 to 5 players, who play as individuals. The cards are dealt and the game is played clockwise.

Two international standard 52-card decks with 4 jokers are used – 108 cards in all. Jokers are wild cards. The two, known as “pinelle”, can be used both as a joker and as a number 2 within a straight.

Cards have point values:

Each joker: 30 points
Every two: 20 points
Each ace: 15 points
Any K, Q, J, 10, 9 or 8: 10 points
Every 7, 6, 5, 4 or 3: 5 points.

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  1. I would like to know if it is possible to change something you place down in a play turn.. IE. If on my turn I placed down 4 fives and then realize one of those fives could have replaced a wild card in a run I had put down on a previous turn, am I able to take back that five and swap it for the wild card in the previous run. Am I able to change melds I place in that given turn, as my turn is not over till I discard??

  2. Couple of mistakes… Joker value, Clean or dirty Buraco.. Also the music is rather distracting. Honestly, I understood zip about the rules…

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