How to play CALL BREAK card game in hindi ( ताश ) -

How to play CALL BREAK card game in hindi ( ताश )

Trish Air
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This game gives complete description of the card game CALL BREAK in hindi.

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  1. game to samajh nhi aaya, lekin aapki awaaz acchi thhi ❤❤

  2. Kaala paan k cards matlab kya h? Aur trump?

  3. Nahi smjh aya chote crad reh jaye tab btao … Eat badi hai ya laal paan ya chidi aise krk btao video me

  4. Card break ka pta nhi pr esi voice se heart break jrur hota h… I love you g accept kr lijiyega

  5. Agar kisine 3 call bolke 6 call utha Liya to wo kya minus hoga ya plus???

  6. Total count 13 Hona jaruri hai kya

  7. Muja nahi pata tha ki ladki bhi cards kalti hai😜

  8. Plz make a video on risk edition 2019 which contains cities and capitals

  9. Sorry you're not clear. Can't understand your video.

  10. How many of you are here because of probability chapter?😂

  11. Your voice so lovely, thanks for the information

  12. Literally awesome explaination…
    as iam new to this came i understood most of the game.
    But still more cases could be added..😌😉

  13. Arre bohot achha se samajh aa gaya Maja Aa gaya 😱😱😱😱😱😱😞💞💞💓💓💞💓😱 thank you so much


  15. Very very nice examination didi👍👍

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