How To Play Crazy Eights -

How To Play Crazy Eights

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This video tutorial will teach you how to play the card game Crazy Eights. More information can be found at

This video will start by teaching you the general concepts of Crazy Eights and is followed by the more detailed features of the game. The video concludes with an example involving all the lessons learned about Crazy Eights. This tutorial is perfect for beginning players, as well as, experienced players that need a refresher.

After watching, you will know the basics of how to play the card game Crazy Eights. All that is left to do is grab some friends and start playing!

This Crazy Eights tutorial will cover the following topics:
– The deal
– The objective
– How to play
– How to keep score
– A review of the rules
– An example

Please leave a comment below if you need any additional information about the card game Crazy Eights, if you have any questions about the game, or if any aspect of the game was not clear in the video.

Thanks for watching!

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  2. I’m confused is the person who gets a score of 100 win or lose

  3. I loved game and playing a question if in game a player suppose game of ♠️ is going and i have only one playable card ie 8 ♠️ now in this is eight a regular card or trump and i can change colour

  4. You forgot when you play a 2 your opponent needs to pick up 2 and when you play a Queen of Spades your opponent needs to pick up 5

  5. Thanks for the clear instructions, I have been trying to learn this game for a long time.

  6. This game is a very easy game to add variants to – I play with the following rules:
    – each player is dealt five cards face down initially, regardless of group size
    – if you are unable to play, you only draw one card, and play passes to the next player, regardless of whether that card is playable
    – if the draw pile is exhausted, i shuffle the discard pile bar the last card to replenish it
    – whoever wins the hand would score the total of the other player’s unplayed cards

  7. I've been very confused with all of the games my family has been throwing at me and now I'll throw this at them.

  8. I'm here cause I was given cards for father day. But also covid was here. And I'm trying to keep the family busy. With fun card games.

  9. South African version

    Ace can avoid 2 draws.
    7=skip a player
    Anycard card get on top of an ace.
    8 wild card

  10. Is there supposed to be eight rounds max or whatever you choose?

  11. Okay i have an important question to ask and i would appreciate it if you reply back. The ace counts as 1 or 14?

  12. I was taught you deal 8 cards. There's 8 rounds and each round you deal 1 less card. For example, round one everyone gets 8 cards, round 2 everyone gets 7 etc. If a 2 Is placed the next person has to place a 2 or a joker. If they don't have a 2 or a joker they have to draw 2 for the 2 or 4 for the joker. If the next player does have a 2 or a joker it keeps going around the table until a player doesn't have a 2 or a joker and they have to add up the 2's/jokers that were played and draw that many cards. 3 skips, 8 changes suit. When you get down to 1 card you have to say "last card" if you don't and someone catches you, you have to draw a card. The person with the lowest score at the end of the 8 rounds wins.

  13. Bimatalajati Setiawan (Taking Chill) says:

    How many the number queen left in their hand?
    (10 or 20)

  14. I play it a bit difference… if an 8 is flipped at the start, the next player chooses their suite….. if it's a 2, you pick up two cards, then if that player has a 2, they can play it and the next player has to pick up four cards and so on… queen of spades is pickup 5… if I put a jack down, the next player skips their turn….. if I have an 8, I can switch to anything I want… fun game to play…. take care ya'll!

  15. crazy 8s if player puts down 2 i draw two cards but if i cant play is my turn done or do i still pick up my one card like always

  16. Thanks so much :))) won my first game with your help !

  17. Finally! I've been playing this card game for years but didn't know how it was called

  18. can i put more than one card? if the middle pile is 10 and I have two 10s?

  19. Earnt a subscription really spelled out the rules easily.

  20. Currupt Sheriff's and Mayor's go now you are done curr s

  21. The funny thing is we play it a little different
    – the ace is wild, not the eight.
    – 2 adds +2 cards to the opponent next in turn. However the ace nullifies the deuce's power. You can stack as many 2s as you want in one turn. If you play the 2 card and the opponent next in turn has a 2… The effects will stuck up and the +4 will move to the next opponent.
    – 7 is the reverse (yes, uno reverse lol)
    – 8 is the chance card… meaning you can throw another card of the same suit or another 8 of a different suit
    – J is the "jump over the next player" card. Meaning the next player will not have that turn until it come back around to them

    The scoring… we initially give a number of points. Example 500 and then reduce them to 0 according to the points.

    – ace = 50
    – 2 = 20
    – 3 ~ 10 = nominal value
    – J/Q/K = 10

    Cards that can't start the pile… any card that has an extra effect on play. I.e. 1,2,7,8 and J

    The number of draws is limited to 1 if you do not have the the suit of card on the pile.

    When the cards are finished in the pile, the game can continue by reshuffling the cards, leaving the last played card on the pile as the start card.

    You can challenge when some one plays their last card by matching the card they have played. E.g. if the won by playing a 9… any one with a 9 can "challenge" and the game will continue. Note this will leave the player with no cards. The player can only pick up a card win it's their turn once again. Note: you can not when with a card that has some special play power I.e. 1,2,7….

    Those are the slight changes to this video's crazy eights… I know… CRAZY!! 😅

  22. This is such an enjoyable site to visit and refresh my memory of games I played as a child. Thank you.

  23. This not how we play crazy 8 in my country but i love it though

  24. Decks of playing cards:
    2 players: 52 cards
    3-5 players: 2×52 cards

  25. Basically, if you know how to play Uno, then you know how to play this.

  26. Used to play this with my mom! Memory tells me we kept drawing and drawing until we got a suitable card (not limited to 3) and would flip the discard deck over, shuffle and keep going if we ran out. This was a fun game.

  27. We played it a little different growing up. We used the jokers as a wild card as well as the 8s to change the suit. Also, if the player could play a 2 of any suit and players had to draw 2. And if you didnt say last card players could call you out and you'd have to draw a card.

  28. We actually had to remove the 3 card pass rule so we can just basically laugh at our opponents for having the whole deck in their 2 hands

    Also whoever finishes the round just wins immeadietely instead of keeping score

    +A buncha rules removed so it became uno

  29. seems to be quite a stupid game, based on nothing more then on luck…

  30. A great video, you explained the game very clearly and can be understood unlike other videos about card games.

  31. We play it much differently in south africa🤣

  32. Your all videos are nice , you explained everything clearly.

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