How to play Devil's Grip -

How to play Devil’s Grip

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Learn the rules to the playing card game Devil’s Grip quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. While there are many variations to Devil’s Grip, this video covers the original base rules.

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The objective of this single player card game is to build up piles in sequences and to limit the number of cards in your stock.

Set Up. Get 2 decks of cards and remove all the aces. Shuffle them together and flip over a 3 by 8 grid of face-up cards. The remaining cards form the stock are placed faced down at the bottom of the grid, called the stock.

You get rid of cards from the stock by building up piles in a specific sequence. Each pile in the top row needs to be in the order of 2, 5, 8, Jack of the same suit. The middle row needs to be: 3, 6, 9, Queen of the same suit. And the bottom row need to be: 4, 7, 10, King of the same suit.

You are allowed to swap the locations of any two cards on the grid and you may move cards on the grid on top of other cards of the correct sequence. When you create an empty space in the grid, then the top card from the stock is immediately flipped face up and filled the spot.

If you cannot move any of the cards in the grid. Cards from the stock can be discarded in sets of three, similar to solitaire. You may then use the top card showing to try and add it to the grid. If you create an empty spot in the grid while having faceup stock cards, the top card of the stock is immediately flipped face up and fills the space before you may continue. Once you run out of cards in in your stock, flip the discard over, without shuffling, to form a new stock.

When no more moves can be made, the game is over. Count up the remaining cards in your stock to determine your score. The closer you are to 0, the better.


  1. Yo are you allowed to swap the piles in the grid, or just individual cards? 0:55

  2. I know there's a game a bit similar to this that is called Royal Parade (Solitaire). You use two decks, but the Aces are still shuffled in.During setup, first randomly take one 2, one 3 and one 4 out of the deck and shuffle the rest of the deck. Deal a grid of 3 rows of 7 cards each. Add the three cards you set aside to these rows as the eighth card, the 2 in the first, the 3 in the second and the 4 in the third row. Then deal a fourth row of 8 cards below the grid. This fourth row serves as the tableau on which cards from the stock are dealt to.During gameplay, you're trying to build 2-5-8-J stacks on the first row, 3-6-9-Q stacks on the second row and 4-7-10-K stacks on the third row. The sequences in these stacks must be built in ascending order and the sequences must be of the same suit. Aces on the first three rows are discarded immediately. However, aces on the fourth row remain where they are until the player chooses to discard an ace. The player may put a card on a stack of cards if that card is the next one in the sequence corresponding to that row. For example, because a sequence in the first row starts with a 2, the player may put a 5 of the same suit from one of the four rows on the 2 in the first row, followed by an 8 and a jack. If the card came from one of the first three rows, then the card is not replaced from the stock. However, if the card came from the fourth row and the space is now empty, then the card is replaced with a card from the stock. This also happens if the player discards an ace from the fourth row and the space is empty. The player may move a 2, 3 or 4 to a free space in their corresponding rows. If the player can't or doesn't want to move a card from one space to another acording to these rules, then they deal a new set of 8 cards on top of the cards of the fourth row, from left to right. If the stock has less then 8 cards remaining when doing this, then deal the remaining cards to the fourth row from left to right. Only the top card of each stack in the fourth row can be moved. If a card from the fourth row is moved and it can't be replaced with a card from the stock, then the space remains empty. Your goal is to build all sequences in their corresponding rows. If you manage to do so, you win the game. Otherwise you lose.

  3. Two decks of cards contain 104 cards and if you remove all the eight aces then 104-8=96 cards remaining

  4. Nowadays this channel does not get the views I am expecting. Or has the channel been put on quarantine.😲😲

  5. Tell me the outdoor games to play with my friends

  6. Can a card from the deck be placed under a card on the grid? Like if a 3 from the deck can be placed under a 6 on the grid to form a stack?

  7. Love this game. But separating the decks after playing is the worst.

  8. The rules are the same as a regular grip, except for the following…

  9. the middle row is the 3 x tables, Q=12

  10. Are you allowed to swap piles or just individual cards?

  11. Keeps my brain active when I do the night shift. I'm really glad I discovered this game

  12. I am using only one deck right now, also playable with a 3×4 roster. So since it is different I'll call it Tasmanian grip since there is an animal literally called Tasmanian devil, makes sense right? 😜

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