How to play Dos -

How to play Dos

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Learn the rules to the card game Dos quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first player to score 200 points. You score points each round by being the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Setup. Pick a player to deal. Shuffle the deck and deal each player 7 cards. Place the deck face down on the table and flip over the top two cards, called the center row.

The player left of the dealer goes first then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn, you must either match one or both cards in the center row; or draw a card from the draw pile.

To match a single number, play a card from your hand that has the same number value as one of the cards in the center row. If this card also happens to have the same color as the card in the center row, then at the end of your turn place one card from your hand faceup, adding to the center row.

To match a double number, play 2 cards from your hand (and only 2) that add up to the total of one of the center row cards, placing both cards on top of it. If both cards happen to have the same color as the center row card, then at the end of your turn place one card from your hand face up, adding to the center row; then every other player draws 1 card from the draw pile.

After you play a match on a center row card you are allowed to play again on another center row card that hasn’t already been played on this turn.

If you cannot, or do not want to make a match, you must draw 1 card. If you NOW can make a match and would like to, you may do so. If you don’t play a card, lay one card faceup in the center row. To end your turn, discard all the piles of cards in the center row that have more than 1 card on them. Single cards stay. If there are now fewer than 2 center row cards, flip over cards from the draw pile into the center row until there are 2. Finally, if you scored any color bonuses, place those cards in the center row now.

There are two special cards. The wild DOS card counts as 2 of any color. You decide what its color is when you play it. The Wild # symbol card counts as any number from 1 to 10 in that card’s color. You decide what its number is when you play it. If either wild card is faceup in the center row, then you decide what color or number it is when you match to it.

Whenever you have exactly 2 cards in your hand, you must say “DOS!” (meaning 2). If you don’t and another player catches, you must immediately draw 2 cards, unless currently it is your turn, then, you must wait until the end of your turn to draw the two cards.

The first player to get rid of all the cards in their hand ends the round. Apply any double matching color bonuses then score points. The player that went out earns points based on all the remaining cards in other players’ hands. Number cards 1 and 3-10 are worth their face value. Each Wild dos is worth 20 points and each wild # symbol is worth 40 points. If no player has 200 points or more, gather up all the cards, shuffle and play another round with the winner of the previous round dealing the next. The first player to get 200 or more points wins!


  1. Can someone explain please? Too complex

  2. I understood that time travel chess yes i actually learned how to play but this is just too complicated

  3. Steven he:
    You got Uno?
    Offbrand shop:
    Nah we got Dos

  4. Instructions for Uno familiars:

    – You cannot match with color, only number.
    – But if you match both (color and number) you can discard another card to be part of the "center row" and be a discard pile

    – You can use the power of math to discard cards by adding the values to match with the value of the discard pile.
    – The match both (Color & Number) rule still apply in this situation

    – The called "center row" are discard cards and must have at least two piles instead of one.
    – You can play in any discard pile as long as you don't have previously play.
    – If you play in any pile those are discarded into a bigger discard pile
    – If you have less than two discard piles flip cards until you have two.

    Ask if you have questions

  5. instructions unclear: started playing uno and blackjack at the same time

  6. That was the most confusing thing I ever watched. Lmao.

  7. I ended up more confused than I was before I watched this video 😓

  8. I assume you can have more than 3 cards in the center row?

  9. This complicated. Can't play it with my kids

  10. So complex 😂 just play Monopoly Deal

  11. I can understand it and i had fun, but i can see why people wouldn’t want to play this

  12. I fainted 3 times watching and learning this tutorial 💀

  13. Uno dos treis quatro since seis siste ocho nuethe deis

  14. lol, no. to complicated. going back to uno. i need simple, not insanity. no wonder this game sells for $3 on amazon.

  15. Bruh when is uno gonna make tres,quad,penta….

  16. Honestly feels weird not shouting uno after one card

  17. Me who thinks Its UNO cards and buyed DOS cards 😅

  18. not gonna lie, number wild cards are cooooooooooool.

  19. @mammacita333
    3 years ago
    Instead of throwing my new pack of DOS in the garbage, I'm going to make up my own house rules. I like the idea of shouting

  20. I got this to play with my kids but decided to go with something a bit simpler like The Cones of Dunshire.

  21. Cinco: match card by gradient or element.
    Helium-Iron – swap hands with someone if Helium. All if Iron.
    Quad jump-in – same as 'Jump-in' but quad.
    Win if -24 cards left – idk how to explain this one

  22. Explaining rules for teapots:
    There are 2 cards on the table with numbers, you need to put 1-2 cards to match this number (for example: there is a 4. You can put 4, 3+1, 2+2 e.t.c.) You can for his for ALL center cards in 1 turn. If all cards have same color, you add 1 more card to the center and everyone else takes 1 card. Then every center card that you played is changed (but not new center card) There is 2 that can be any colour and # that can be any number.
    Also you must shout dos if you have 2 cards.

  23. The rules on the box say different things

  24. I played dos and it has absolutly nothing to do with this, we just took it as a reskin😂

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