How to Play Egyptian Rat Screw -

How to Play Egyptian Rat Screw

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Learn how to play egyptian rat screw with this guide from wikiHow:

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Playing Cards:

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  1. I LOVE this card game!! Me and my mom's boyfriend's son used to play this every single day! Its gets so intense 😂 i swear its why im so competitive haha

  2. What’s the chaotic version? 😂 I would say this game will devolve into something more chaotic within minutes

  3. I loved playing this game in school. But we called it Egyptian rat slap

  4. I’ve played it when your just slap on doubles , it gets so fast that you can see sandwiches and other pairs

  5. If you slap the pile when it is unable to be slapped, then put 2 cards on the bottom of the pile.

  6. this looks hella fun but it's gonna be tough to explain to my younger cousins 😅

  7. This game gets so chaotic, easily one of my favorites

  8. Played it for the first time, i screamed at school

  9. This video doesn't mention penalties! If you slap and you're wrong, send two cards face down under the deck.

  10. Whooooah, I've only played with Doubles and Sandwiches. @_@

  11. So many great memories playing this game in lunch, on the school bus or before classes… I only played the Double + SandWhich rule though. The game would always cause laughter and some red hands… I ended up playing so much that I would start vs 3 people with 0 cards and end up winning.
    My favorite trick was remembering Doubles. Let's say you slap 5 + 5 and you win the pile. When you cycle through your cards you just remember that when you play a 5 the next will also be a 5 to get an ez slap.

  12. in the version my friends and i play, you can also slap a 7 (don’t ask me why) and you can also slap when there’s a 6 number card and a 9 number card, this being called “twins”. also, if you make a false slap, you would need to give each person you’re playing with one card 🙂

  13. Doubles / sandwich slap to steal the pile.
    That’s how you “slap back in” if you’re out

  14. If a “Sandwhich” is above other cards under the pile can i still slap it??

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