How to Play Epic Card Game | Complete Rules Tutorial -

How to Play Epic Card Game | Complete Rules Tutorial

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These “how to play” videos are provided to help you understand the basics of the Epic Card Game. This video includes our entire rules playlist. For the full comprehensive rules, visit


  1. French rules are unclear for battle phase : it's not qaid we can play only powers and events, but powers and cards (hence i thought the attacking guy was able to play regular champions in pre-block and pre-dmg

  2. The core mechanics of this game are way too complex. Serious design flaw. Unfortunately it will sit on my shelf unplayed for many more years to come. This ain't no Hero Realms.

  3. Stupid and don’t interesting game

  4. This is the most idiotic mechanic EVER, this is unplayable.

  5. I needed this, thanks!

    BTW: I love that there's a werewolf card called "Rage." I see what you did there… brings me back!

  6. Nice video, this clears up some confusion (about the damage on taken with breakthrough). You state in the end that you can choose a target also from de discard pile? So I can play an event that deals x-amount of damage and select any card from the discard pile of my opponent as a target?

  7. Just to clarify: when you say "enters play" do you mean after a champion has deployed or just when you put the card down from your hand?

    Also, can you attack AND use a champion's expend power? I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but there's an "and" in the printed directions where there should probably be an "or", so I just wanted to make sure. Plus, if this is the case, why would you ever attack with a card like the Murderous Necromancer who only has an attack of 2 when you can simply break a target with its expend power?

  8. "Righteous": Do I get HP back only if I damage my oponents HP or also if I damage my oponents champions?

  9. Just bought this game because….well it looks and sounds Epic 🙂 (no pun intended)
    although it is a bit confusing to me, maybe because I never really played ccg/tcg style games before. what is unclear to me is when my opponent can play something on my turn and vice versa. so when I start my turn and I attack my opponent can his champion block immediately or can/do I have to I play an event first ? for example, I attack my opponents Time Walker with a Human token (which would break my Human) but before my opponent can block the attack I weaken him with Drain Essence. and I saw in your video (around 7:38) that you blocked an attack which deals 9 damage and you only have 5 defense, after you blocked you used an expand move but can you do this ? I mean the 9 damage breaks your champion who is blocking, right ? Can I find a scheme like you show around 6:15 of a full turn ? like from the start of your turn, when a opponent can play something in your turn against you, till the end of the turn ?

  10. thank you so much my dad and me are so much happy!!!😃

  11. So if a champion attacks and deals 10 damage, and the defending champion has 1 defense. The defending player takes no damage?

  12. Dear W. W. your tutorial is flawless! Thank you VERY MUCH and I hope for a portuguese translation. I'm from Brazil, I bought the game and we are enjoying the game!

  13. Ive been playing mtg since 94. Swccg since 95 and middle earth ccg since a while now and this game looks awesome

  14. I can attack OR use expand ability but i can DEFEND AND use expand ability at the same time?

  15. Hi i want to play Epic Digital Card Game but i dont find it in play store or in steam, how can i get it???

  16. Waaaaiit…so you WIN when you mill yourself in this game?

  17. Very thankful for the video, but this is one of the most confusing card games I've ever had to learn, and I have a collection of board games. I've re-read the rules multiple times and am re-writing them in a way anyone can understand. There needs to be an updated rule book for this game.

  18. Wow. I consider myself a mildly intelligent person, but this game is complicated.

  19. So basically a stripped down version of MTG?

  20. Way way too complex a tutorial that makes this game not only overly complex, but damn near unplayable. The main problem for me is the actual battle rules. This whole "you cna keep going over and over again" and then your opponent can take multiple actions during your turn, is just overly complex a mechanic. I've played Epic in a similar way to Magic and found it just as enjoyable but nowhere near as complex as this tutorial makes out.

    This games needs a second edition, streamlining the rules, and a far clearer tutorial.

  21. I have the Portuguese translation of this game and it's a horrible translation, very hard to understand the rules.

  22. Thank you for making the Game! One day when I make good enough Artwork…I might…

  23. Sorry but this video is not well done. Some concepts are repeated several times (a champion can only attack on the next turn), some other are thrown in.. it's very frustrating

  24. I just found out about this game!!! I cant wait to buy some cards and play😁

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