How to play Exploding Kittens -

How to play Exploding Kittens

Matthew Inman
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Be sure to read the SETUP SECTION before playing your first game:

Narration by Lucky Yates:
Music by Sarah Donner:


  1. You should see the games we have with our cousins, by the end of the game its usually a two way slugfest between the two with the biggest pair of balls for that day who have amassed 45% of the deck each, and its constant action cards, skip, nope, yup, attack. One time my sister had one card left and i knew it was a diffuse, so i asked for a favor and she begrudgingly gave it to me before i attacked her, she was not too pleased

  2. I have been reliably informed that as long as you…

    keep talking, nobody will explode

  3. "it doesn't matter how many cards you have in your hand, JUST DON'T BLOW UP."

    ~Matthew Inman, 2015

  4. i was just about to buy this card game but i got intimidated with the way of playing it and thought it was hard, good thing i came across this video! i'll be buying it now, i hope it's fun to play:)

  5. do i have to show everyone the card i draw? what if a person secretly draws exploding one and doesnt declare it ? just secretly holds it like nothing happend

  6. In stealing the laser pointer defuse card is displayed twice

  7. This is a great video overall except that it doesn't explain the setup first. Oh well guess that's what the instruction manual is for🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  8. Anybody got a redeem code for the app my mom dont want to buy it for me

  9. This game is the most overpriced and boring card game ever.
    Drawings are great tho.

  10. Your instructions are so good! Short, well explained, to the point.

  11. What do you do with the rainbow talking cat

  12. bruh i remember getting this as a gift from a friend now mah mkm threw it ;[

  13. This was a great tutorial.
    My kids and I have played this several times and it's very boring! LOL. My kids (and myself) prefer "Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza" instead. My kiddos thought the "action cards" were legit actions such as "jump up down and make chicken noises", not just "skip the next player". We added body movements to the cards to try and make this more fun.

  14. What if the deck of cards are already beeb picked?? I mean

  15. What happens when you don’t have any play cards left? So you can’t put down but you also didn’t draw a kitten ?

  16. Who comes up with this shit? i wasted 20 dollars on this game and still dont fully understand

  17. How many cards do you begin with? In the rules it says 7! But then there is no more pile

  18. So what if two players are playing and player 1 lays the attack card, player 2 lays an attack as well. Player one comes back with another attack card and then player two lays a nope card followed by another nope card by player 1. Is it just player 2 turn now or does someone have to draw cards and if so how many?

  19. The game is absolutely dead and it's soo boring.

  20. Can you Nope the Three Card Special Combo? And how soon/late can that be Noped?

  21. IMO if you'll play mostly with your kids or family, skip this edition and buy the Recipes For Disaster straight away. You'll have the original + all 3 expansion in one pack, minus the complicated three or four cards ( i dont use anyway with my kids).

  22. What a stupid and dangerous name to give to a game. Atee you people insane?
    Do you not understand the nature of the American child and how easily their minds are influenced?????
    You are so irresponsible, so horribly irresponsible. Stop this immediately!

  23. what if everyone defuses exploding kittens and you have none left

  24. yay I'm know how to use the shuffle card^_^

  25. Played this game like 2 weeks ago

    Aaaaammmmaaaazzzziiinnngggg and so much fun. It also got a bit hostel also ahhaha

  26. seems really easy for someone to just lie about picking up a exploding cat…..

  27. There is something seriously wrong here – with this game. It is very very sick. I would NEVER buy this game. unless you want to raise budding sociopaths.

  28. А что делать если играет два игрока, и у обоих пару карт осталось(в коллоде осталась одна карта-взрывной кот) и среди этих пару карт одна карта обезвредь и разные кошкокарты не имеющие своей пары? Причем у обоих на руках такая история!

  29. Tom Ellis American accent explaining this video sounds weird but I like it. :3

  30. I'm so happy you are not actually exploding kittens!!!

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