How to Play Five Crowns Card Game -

How to Play Five Crowns Card Game

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In this quick video, let me teach you how to play 5 Crowns! If you are new here, be sure to subscribe if you enjoy games, because we put out videos dedicated to board and card games!!! We would love to have you as part of our community!! Thanks for watching!!


  1. You have the best video I watched to learn 5 Crowns. Thank you!

  2. Just bought the game. Looks like a great variant of the 'gin rummy' game. Thanks for the informative video.

  3. thank you so much for this video! I had trouble understanding the rounds from the written instructions but this helped it 'click'. Very similar to how quiddler is played!

  4. This is, by far, the best Five Crowns tutorial ever… Thanks

  5. Just played this game for the first time. I do have a scoring question. Let's say a person goes out. The next person gets to go. The total cards that were dealt were 7. This second player has a run of 3 cards(4,5,6 of clubs) and a book of 3 cards(3 queens) and a 9. For scoring purposes would they put the book down and have a score of 24(4,5,6,9) or be able to use the 4,5&6 as a run and have a score of 9? I hope my question makes sense. Thanks for your help

  6. Hope that helped!! Let me know if you have any questions about the game!

  7. You did a great job explaining how to play the game. I needed a refresher before playing tonight. Nice job. Thanks!

  8. Just got my deck today, the hard part is to look for friends to play.

  9. Bonjour serait il possible d'avoir une video en français svp merci
    question : peux ton mettre 2 fois la même carte (exemple 2 chiffre 3 bleu + un joker ?)
    traduction :
    Hello would be possible to have a video in French please thank you
    question: can you put the same card twice (example 2 blue number 3 + a joker?)

  10. This video save a lot of frustration on game night. Thanks my dude.

  11. What happens if the first card that is flipped over to start the game is a joker? Can the person to left of dealer pick it up?

  12. In the solitaire version can I sort my 11 piles so I can see the books and runs better?

  13. Played this game for the first time a couple days ago. Fun!… 😉👍

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